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Monday, May 6, 2019

Venus squares Saturn/Pluto: Relationships

Venus, the planet of love and values is the star of the show this week. Venus in Aries will square Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and trine Jupiter. The energy is evident at the time of this post, and this week will be difficult for many.

Venus squares Saturn, and this is exact in the early morning (EST) of May 7, so it's energy is apparent May 6. Venus square Saturn can create feelings of loneliness, feeling unloved, a need to streamline financial issues, and at times it can create a negative focus on relationships. You could be in a position of having to do something for a loved one that requires a sense of duty or obligation. In some cases relationships may end, but it would take more than this transit to bring it about. It is important not to blow negative feelings out of proportion and create a problem where one does not exist.

Venus trines Jupiter about 1 PM, May 9 (EST) and this is positive for our love lives, social lives and money, and the impact of this will be greater the evening before or the night of May 8. Make the most of this upbeat transit because less than an hour later, Venus squares Pluto May 9, as well. The energies will be intermingled.
Venus square Pluto is the most intense of these transits as Pluto deals with obsession, and if left unchecked can lead us down some dark rabbit holes.  Venus-Pluto can deal with many situations including 3 way love triangles,  relationships that are fatally flawed in some way to begin with, a return of past loves or thought processes in this direction, attractions that should not be or are inappropriate in some way, manipulative actions or jealousy. At worst it represents violence against women and we may hear this in the news.

At best this could bring about a change (either way) in a relationship and a look at where you are in your relationship and if it is fitting your needs.

It will be an intense week and as Uranus is conjunct Mercury May 7, there could be unexpected news.

These transits will have a greater affect on those born with Cardinal planets-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at 20-24 degrees.

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