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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Full moon in Gemini: Make your choice

This month’s full moon falls at 18 degrees of Gemini, and peaks December 12, (Thursday) just after midnight. This will be the last full moon of the decade!

Gemini rules talk, communication and as its planetary ruler is Mercury. Mercury rules young people, travel and communication of all types!
As the full moon opposes the Sun, emotions may amp up in the days preceding this moon and at the time of the full moon. This can cause discord between men and women and relationships will be a theme for this moon as Venus conjuncts Saturn and then Pluto the day before (Saturn) and then (Pluto) the day after. Some relationships could end at this time, but only those with significant problems. Venus-Pluto can play out in obsessive thinking and behaviors, and at its worst, volatile behaviors.

This energy could also be worked out in terms of business and planning and it will show itself on the world stage in terms of issues relating to women, money, power and control, young people and significant communication and viewpoints on the world stage.

At the time of the Moon’s peak, it squares Neptune in Pisces creating illusion, delusion and smoke and mirror games and distractions. Moon-Neptune transits are prone to a lack of clarity in situations, lies or deception and it is important to speak clearly and make sure you understand the facts, which may not be clear. Neptune is also the planet ruling drugs and alcohol, and those who have substance abuse issues could escalate their behaviors at this time. Mercury also rules vehicles and accidents so use caution while driving.

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