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Monday, December 30, 2019

January 2020: A new era in the world

Saturn is conjunct Pluto this month and the energy has been building throughout 2019. The transit becomes exact on January 12, but the energies have been felt for the past year. January 12-13, the Sun and Mercury join the conjunction and this represents the peak of this powerful energy, but the effects will be felt for a long time to come. This is a month we need to pay attention and be fully aware of where we are going and what we are doing.

This aspect has been playing out in the world in terms of increased tensions, protests, a Presidential impeachment in the US, Brexit in the UK, mass shootings, and hundreds of thousands of displaced people in the Middle East and other places around the world along with many other difficult to solve situations.

Saturn-Pluto is heavy energy subject to creating significant change. The best way to describe this is like an earthquake. If your building is well designed and secure it can survive the earthquake, if not it will collapse and many things will change at this time in the collective and in our personal lives. 

This transit will show you what has outlived its usefulness and what in your life needs to be. transformed. What needs change will be shown by where Saturn and Pluto fall in your personal chart.

Uranus turns direct on January 10, just before this aspect reaches its peak adding to the volatile energy, along with a powerful lunar eclipse in Cancer, that will ‘set off,’ the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the same day.

This is a powerful eclipse at 20 degrees of Cancer and it (the Moon) opposes Saturn and Pluto, the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter creating a powerful stellium of planets in Capricorn. This eclipse will reveal new information in the world and in our personal lives. Moon opposing Pluto can bring up deep seated anxieties and issues concerning sex, money, and other issues buried in the subconscious mind at this time. Moon-Saturn transits can deal with women, those from our past and can seem negative and depressing. Some things will end at this time. Moon-Mercury relates to young people, speech and communication, and accidents. Sun-Moon transits amp up the emotional energies and it is important to be aware and not let this powerful energy spiral out of control.

We will see many events play out in the world in the days leading up to this eclipse.  Communication will be important at this time. This is the type of eclipse where violence can easily escalate into police or war situations. This eclipse aspects the charts of the United States (in a previous post, I predicted we could see a significant national death), and the rhetoric at this time and into the New Year will be bitter and ugly. The eclipse and Saturn-Pluto conjunction aspects many different charts including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, China, Iran, Iraq, the White House chart, NYC chart, and many others to name just a few. Many separate events will play out at this time around the world, and it will not be limited to one specific incident. This eclipse will show us the direction things will go in 2020. This period will prove to be a profound and historic time in history.

On a personal level the eclipse (and conjunction) will affect the cardinal signs in particular-Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra, especially those with planets at 19-22 degrees. With the moon’s opposition to Pluto deep seated issues could arise, and this gives us an opportunity to work through fears and habits that we want to change in the New Year. 

Transformation is possible and even key, and with the eclipse’s trine to Neptune, this can give us hope for the year ahead as well as creativity and compassion.

As Uranus turns direct, this is typically a significant time in world events and this time will be no different. Uranus is the planet of coups, rebellions and sudden and unexpected changes and breaking free of situations or even people. We will see this play out in the world, especially as Uranus will square Mercury (January 17-18) in Aquarius, and then the Sun (January 22-23). Pay attention to these days as things can become volatile and changeable, especially if you have a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius at 1-3 degrees. If Uranus aspects something in your personal chart you may feel a need to break free of something that you have found oppressive or take a new direction in some way. Now is the time to make big changes that can last for a long time.

January 3, Mars enters Sagittarius where it will remain until February 16th. Mars rules and our action, ego and men. Mars in Sagittarius is subject to great bursts of energy, and we will be more flexible and changeable. Sagittarius is typically a positive and optimistic sign but it is important to remember it’s easy to overdo things and this can include our ego and that of others! Respect the boundaries of others and this can be a very positive time.

January 13, the Sun will conjunct Saturn and Pluto. This is a continuation of the Saturn-Pluto-eclipse energy and the buildup of the Capricorn stellium we are all under. In all likelihood, major world events will occur, and we need to be aware of our interaction with others as things could come to a head in terms of frustration or even anger. It is best to wait this energy out if possible.

Also on January 13, Venus enters Pisces and this will change the heavy energy to a degree. Love energy can become softer or more passive, and this time can be used in a healing manner. Venus in Pisces will work well for Water and Earth signs. There can be some confusion or lack of clarity with the sign of Pisces, but we could experience more creativity, psychic awareness, creativity and compassion and dreams will be more vivid during this time.

January 16, Mercury enters Aquarius where it will remain until February 4th.  Our thoughts and communication will move at a faster pace, and we will feel more open to new ideas. Until Mercury crosses Uranus however, (after about the 19th), we can expect the unexpected in our lives and the world. Sometimes we can get brilliant ideas with this transit and at other times our thinking can be disjointed and restless. Use caution, especially driving.

January 20, the Sun enters Aquarius and this creates a shift away from all of the serious Capricorn energy we have been dealing with. Like with the Mercury square however we can expect erratic energy, unexpected news and situations. After January 24, things will begin to get calmer.

January 23, Venus sextiles Jupiter. This is a positive aspect, especially for love, friendship and financial matters. Make the most of it.

This month’s New Moon falls on February 24, at 4 degrees of Aquarius, on the heels of Sun square Uranus. Because of the Moon’s square to Uranus it may seem more like a full moon, and we can expect unexpected and changeable events in the world and our personal lives. Venus is square Mars at 14 degrees of Pisces/Sagittarius and this transit can create friction between the sexes in more ways than one. Jealousy could rear its ugly head, unexpected issues can occur, and some may break up at this time. Alternatively, you could meet someone new on this day and if you do, sparks could fly, but the relationship will need to withstand the test of time to know if it is more than a physical attraction.

January 27, Venus conjuncts Neptune and squares Mars. This is a convoluted transit that will confuse, and produce a smoke and mirror effect, and will likely be another significant day in the world. Venus-Neptune can be confusing, misleading or dreamy, and its square to Mars relates to problems between men and women, but Neptune adds another layer to the confusion.  Anger and ego can come into play this day, so it is best not to get into contentious issues. Mars-Neptune transits relate to confusion, and we could see issues with gasses, chemical weapons, lies, and harsh weather conditions. This could also increase the spread of flues and other contagious diseases.

Here is wishing you are yours a very safe and prosperous New Year!

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