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Friday, January 3, 2020

Lunar eclipse in Cancer: Tyranny, love, hate and transformation

A powerful lunar eclipse falls on January 10, at 20 degrees of Cancer, which will ‘set off,’ the Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees of Capricorn. This makes this eclipse bigger and more significant than normal.
The Moon, especially in Cancer is about home or the homeland, family and the emotions. As the Moon is opposing Saturn and Pluto together in Capricorn, as well as Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter, this creates a great deal of stress. Saturn can represent depression, heaviness, loneliness and endings. It also represents things and people from the past and older people. Pluto is the planet of death and regeneration, and is associated with bringing up deep seated emotional issues, issues over sex, rejection, obsessiveness and obsessions, money and can create finality on many levels. There are those who could lose a family member at this time, or there could be a significant national death this month. This combination represents oppression or even domestic violence at worst. This is a cold ruthless type of authoritarian energy, and it will manifest in the world.
Mercury conjunct Sun means communication will be all important at this time, and to a large degree a focus of this eclipse. The communication we hear both in our lives and on the world stage will take precedence.
Cancer-Capricorn rules the 4th/10th house axis which deals with our basic foundation-the family and home. The 10th house rules priorities, reputation and career. It is in these areas most of us will be focused. Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house also associated with, ‘the end of the matter.’ Capricorn rules banks, land, buildings and the earth itself and we could see much destruction at this time.
Eclipses are like wildcards that frequently reveal previously unknown information. Almost always on an eclipse something new is revealed and it can be a turning point in many ways.
The upside of the eclipse is it can be a positive time for change and to let go of things that have outlived their usefulness. You can let go of bad habits and make a change in your life at this time. You could transform something.
Cancer is a patriotic sign and associated with home, the homeland and can be clannish in nature. Some families and groups may be pulled together to accomplish something. The moon trine Neptune is indicative of creativity, spirituality, dreams and compassion, giving us a glimmer of hope.
This is a volatile if not violent combination and we will see many major events in the world at this time and the days leading up to this eclipse and afterward. There are serious fires in Australia an escalation of tension in Iran, and impeachment proceedings in the US and these are only a few examples. Abuse of power, tyranny, talk of nuclear situations, war and oil will likely be prominent in the news. We could see destruction of land and buildings, and this will represent the peak of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

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