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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

New moon in Aquarius: Expect change

The January 24 new moon falls at 4 degrees in Aquarius. It makes one aspect, and this is a square to Uranus. Uranus is about freedom, unexpected change, and it can create sudden mood swings as well in you or others. At this time, there will be a desire to break free of any situation that seems oppressive or repressive. This is also the time to let go of bad habits. You could get some brilliant ideas but they will leave as quickly as they came, so take note if this happens.

Aquarius rules the 11th house of friends’ hopes, and wishes as well as the collective on the world stage. Aquarius is about new ideas and situations and trying a different path in some way.

You could experience any of the following: Nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, change of plans, mood swings or at best it could seem like an electrically charged day. With Uranus we experience change and it may seem to come out of the blue.

Venus is square Mars as well, and this transit is exact January 26. At the same time Venus conjuncts Neptune the planet of illusion, confusion, lies and delusion.  Over these few days issues will arise between men and women in the form of jealousy and suspicion, general friction and issues concerning sex or money. Venus rules our values, money and love. With Neptune, Venus can be confusion and issues could be blown out of proportion or unclear. Clarity will return in a few days and dreams may be vivid at this time.

All of this will play out in the world. Expect the unexpected is the motto with this moon and we could hear of issues concerning aircraft, internet problems, problems with electronic equipment, new inventions, and the spread of disease.

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