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Monday, April 27, 2020

Mercury: Irritations and innovations

Mercury enters Taurus this afternoon (April 27) and enters into a square with Saturn in Aquarius at 1 degree. Mercury square Saturn is irritating, tiring and slightly negative at times. You can however,  use this transit for critical thinking which can be helpful in some cases.

By April 30, Mercury is conjunct Uranus and we will feel the energy in the days before. This can be indicative of sudden and potentially brilliant ideas. If this happens to you write it down, as transits involving Uranus tend to disappear as quickly as they come to mind. There can be electricity in the air.

Use caution if driving as Mercury rules cars and can be indicative of accidents. This transit can also lead to erratic thinking, and if you are not well grounded you could experience mental instability or restlessness.

Uranus-Mercury transits lend themselves to sudden and unexpected news and information.  This weekend we experienced a Sun conjunct Uranus (unexpected events) along with the news N.K. leader Kim Jong-Un is either dead or in a vegetative state. The information is still unclear.

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