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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Venus in Gemini: Don't bore me!

Venus moves into Gemini at 1:11 PM, EST where it will remain until August 7. Venus rules love, money, beauty and values. Venus typically spends a month or so in each sign, but will be in Gemini (Mercury’s sign) until August 7, due to its retrograde.

Venus retrograde is not the time to get married, engaged, buy art or have plastic surgery or invasive beauty enhancements. The shadow period of the retrograde begins on April 9. Venus retrogrades May 13-June 25. When it turns direct it will spend another 6 weeks in the sign.

Venus in Gemini means love is ruled more by intellect than emotions. Venus in this sign does not like to be bored, and is interested in travel, new things and fun. The way to the heart with this sign is through the intellect.  Venus in Gemini likes conversation and action, not sitting in front of the TV.

Mars in Aquarius is a good match for Venus in Gemini over the next month and a half, especially for Air signs.

I find that with Venus in Gemini chivalry is not really dead; it’s just on the back burner waiting to come out when Venus enters Gemini. It is time to lighten up as the planet of love is going to be in this sign for quite a while and with the state of the world, this may be a good thing!

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