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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Full Moon in Libra: Finding balance

The April 7th full moon falls at 19 degrees of Libra, the sign that rules marriage, partnerships and relationships. Relationships are the focus for many at this time. In these days of Covid-19 some are having too much togetherness and others too little. Both of these issues could cause problems, although typically Libra likes to compromise and avoid conflict. For many, this will be a challenging full moon.
This moon squares both Saturn and Pluto amping up emotions and as Pluto is involved things could become blown out of proportion. This is also a transit of obsessiveness. Some relationships could end at this time if they are tottering on the edge. If a relationship is basically stable there could be a bump in the road but not an ending. Other transits  would also have to be present to indicate this.
As the Moon is quincunx Neptune emotional sensitivity can lead to insecurity, paranoia or confusion. Neptune rules infection so the theme containing Covid-19 will continue, and this is an aspect of health imbalances in the collective. Otherwise it can be emotionally challenging.
Jupiter is conjunct Pluto and this aspect is exact only a few days before the full moon. Jupiter increases whatever it touches and in the case Pluto rules deaths (Covid-19), and extremes of all types. The Moon square Pluto means we will need to work to find balance if our emotions are feeling out of control.
We have a couple of other minor transits that give hope: Mercury sextile Jupiter is an aspect of positive thinking and communication and Mercury sextile Pluto can allow you to communicate effectively on a profound level. These aspects will help deflect some of the other ones, but we as individuals must choose which path to take. If you start a conflict with someone you can expect push back.
Full Moon danger and risk
Mars square Uranus makes this time prone to sudden and unexpected events in the collective and our own personal lives. This transit peaks shortly before the full moon and can make people impulsive and erratic. There is a tendency to act rashly and without regard for consequences. Someone else could also act in this manner toward you.
Now is not the time to take risks, act in a careless manner, or drive carelessly, as this can be a transit of sudden accidents. Use caution with knives, tools and metal as well.
Mars square Uranus is a significant aspect which last occurred May 17-19th in Aquarius-Taurus when Uranus first entered Taurus.  Uranus rules weather and lightening, aircraft, computers and the internet as well as rebellions and coups. Mars rules young men, guns, aggression, police and military.
Here are some of the things that happened the last time this transit occurred.
-Shooting at University of NC
-School shooting in Colorado
-Denver legalizes ‘magic mushrooms’
-Alabama passes anti-abortion bill
-Trump declares national emergency on IT threats
-Attempted shooting at Oregon High school
-Shooting at Virginia gathering
-Measles outbreaks
-Mass shooting in Va Beach
-Man sets himself on fire outside White House
The energy of this full moon will increase in the days beforehand and will last 2 weeks or until the New Moon on April 23.

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