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Monday, March 9, 2020

Mercury direct, coronavirus and the US chart

Mercury changes direction at 11: 49 PM, EST, March 9th. With Mercury’s change in direction we often get news, new information comes out, or something changes direction once again. I think we can expect news on a collective basis and for some an individual basis. Mercury turns direct at 28 degrees of Aquarius, but within about a week it will go back into Pisces. It’s direct motion can only be good!

The stock market has dropped considerably, especially March 9th  when trading was halted for 7 minutes. Venus conjunct Uranus, a full moon opposing Neptune and the US chart can all be blamed for this.

In my last newsletter I wrote the full moon will reveal more information on the Coronavirus and this seems to be the case. But with the Sun conjunct Neptune widespread fears and visions of doom become part of the problem. This full moon is Virgo represents pure worry and its opposition to Neptune, fears. The virus is out there, but we can take some precautions. Those most affected will be over 60, and/or have compromised immune systems, apparently. These individuals need to be even more careful. I would also point out we have gotten through Ebola, H1N1 and the Swine flu to name a few.

There are several significant problems in the United States chart at this time and astrologers have been looking at this for a long time. First of all Saturn is conjunct Pluto in the US 2nd house of the Sibly chart which relates to money. This is a restrictive transit and the stock market began to go down as soon as this aspect hit. It will occur twice more in 2020 before it is over.

The second problem is Pluto (conjunct Saturn) and opposing Mercury from the 2nd to 8th house in the US chart. This represents several things for people living in the United States.

First of all this is the negative political vitriol that is non-stop. I would like to say this will change but it will not. What we can do is check the facts of what we hear, and many of them will turn out to be completely false. Personal awareness of this is needed.

Secondly, this represents the stock market and trade. The 8th house rules international trade and a great deal of money has been lost over the past several years and there was a large tax cut. We learned in the Reagan years that a trickle down economy does not work. Almost as soon as Pluto began its opposition to Mercury the stock market started its decline. Pluto will remain at 24 degrees of Capricorn where it is now until July and will return twice more at the end of the year and in 2012.

The 8th house also rules national re-birth and death. From what I see we are looking at a national re-birth that may well begin when Saturn enters Aquarius later this month if not a revolution of sorts. I am not talking about a revolution like the Civil war where opposing sides killed each other in the 1860’s, but more of a Civil war of ideas. We are also approaching America’s Pluto return next year. The last time Pluto was at this point (27 degrees of Capricorn) was during the American revolution.

Pluto opposing Mercury also relates to intense if not obsessive thinking as well as fears. Anyone who has experienced this transit personally will attest to this, including myself. These amps up the obsessive and fearful energy in the US among the population and creates negative and fearful thinking.

Mercury’s direct motion in Aquarius may bring up some new and interesting ideas, but it will return to Pisces on March 16, where it was in February. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, so energy and thinking can become confused if not fearful. 
On April 4th, and the surrounding days Mercury will conjunct Neptune, and this will be another confusing if not fearful day. Once again, we may hear news of the virus.

Experts aren’t sure, but it appears warmer weather could help the spread of the virus as it appears to thrive in lower temperatures. You can google this and decide what to believe for yourself, if anything. We are still in the early stages of the virus.

In terms of the stock market it has been artificially inflated for a long time. I have advised anyone who asked to stay away from the stock market for a long time now, although there are those who have still made money, some of them a great deal.  Personally, based on the charts I think this long ride is over, but I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

It is going to be an interesting year for sure, but we can all bode well not to go into a panic state, as the US chart suggests. Work on improving your own world and your corner of the universe is my best advice.

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