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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Full Moon in Virgo: Fact over fiction

This month’s full moon falls in the sign that rules health, health related matters and work. The lunar peak occurs March 9, at 1:48PM EDT at 19 degrees of Virgo. This is considered a Super Moon. Super Moons appear closer to earth and are associated with earthquakes and severe weather or earth catastrophes. At the time of this post the death toll is at 25 and rising from a tornado that devastated areas of Middle Tennessee.

Virgo is considered the most critical of signs, that is the most detail and task oriented and in some cases this sign can be overly critical or self critical. It is the natural ruler of the 6th house of work, health, pets and service to others. For many of us, our attention on the full moon will lie in these areas. You could feel inclined to ‘dig in’ to some kind of issue. The problem however could be in your perception of it.

This Moon opposes Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. The Sun also conjuncts Neptune increasing the confusing energies. A moon like this can create fear, confusion and depression for some. It is important to remember this and keep fears in check, and also to remember things are often not nearly as bad as we may project them to be. Going down a depressing and melancholy rabbit hole is a useless exercise! The moons trine to Jupiter can help with this. It is also supported by Mars and Saturn which can only be positive. Choose faith over fear, and fact over fiction.

The other side of this transit is compassion, spirituality, and intuition. Compassion can be given or receive and creativity may be at an all time high. Dreams may be vivid at this time, and you could experience some amazing intuitive insights.
Mercury is still retrograde on this Moon so, we can still expect confusion, delays, breakdowns and the like. It will however turn direct within 10 hours of the Moons peak. This could create more confusion as sometimes we experience further changes or revelations as Mercury turns direct. But, at least it will be direct!

In the world we are likely to see water related weather conditions, news of the spread of HB19 and mysteries and fears surrounding this virus. Panic should be avoided if possible. We could also hear news of religious groups or those who push religious theologies. We could also hear news of women, movies, women’s issues, audits, and convoluted thinking or deliberate propaganda aimed at disinformation.

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