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Monday, June 8, 2020

Mars conjuncts Neptune June 13!

Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces this week, exact on June 13. The Sun in Gemini also clashes with Mars-Neptune all week creating friction, irritation, conflicts and confusion on the heels of the powerful Sagittarius eclipse of June 5th. The Moon will conjunct Mars and Neptune in Pisces early Friday evening creating a mishmash of confusion.  That said, if you channel the energy you may be able to accomplish a great deal. 

This isn't the only Neptune clash this week. On Thursday, June 11, the Sun clashes with Neptune first: a prelude to the Mars-Neptune conjunction on the 13th. Expect rampant confusion.

Mars conjunct Neptune will be a turning point in the movement against police brutality, as well as a turning point with Covid. In all likelihood we will see increases of Covid in parts of the US and the world. It was reported on NPR Sunday that Brazil now has the highest rate of infection in the world, second only to the US.

Mars-Neptune is a double edged sword, especially in Pisces. The energy of this transit leans toward compassion, creativity and spirituality. The darker side of it is confusion, mistrust, gas lighting, paranoia and lies.  Clarity may be hard to come by, and on the hand you could experience some type of déjà vu moment or spiritual inspiration. The key is to channel the energy in positive directions. You must either run the energy, so to speak, or it will run you! This will be made even more confusing as Mercury in Cancer has entered the shadow period of its retrograde.

At times this transit can spell romance, but you should be careful about over-idealizing someone or believing everything you hear. Take things with a grain of salt. The sign Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. You could just as easily get emotionally hurt when your interest does not live up to your expectations.

Mars-Neptune transits are also indicative of water related weather issues and gasses such as tear gas or other form of gas.

Mars conjunct Neptune will amp up the Neptune opposition that is currently in play in the United States Chart. A Neptune opposition has not occurred since the start of the Civil War. Neptune is Pisces shows us large groups of disenfranchised people just as it did in 1861. It is ironic that on the 2nd Neptune opposition (in the US chart) we are still fighting for the rights of minority groups. We can only hope this will ultimately change things for good this time around.

It will be difficult to navigate this energy but it is powerful for engaging in creativity, compassionate ventures, spirituality, or any type of metaphysical activity. There is a creative spark out there if you can catch it. If so, it can be mesmerizing!

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