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Monday, June 22, 2020

Week of June 21st and 4 significant events!

Here we are in the final week and a half of June and this is probably the most significant part of the month. Neptune turns retrograde, Venus turns direct, Mars enters Aries and Jupiter meets up with Pluto.

Neptune retrogrades
Neptune turns retrograde June 23. I have already posted on this and you can catch up here. Neptune is the planet that rules illusion, delusion and confusion. If you do not have a harsh transit you may not be all that affected. We do a great deal of inner work when Neptune retrogrades every year.

Venus turns direct
The planet of love and money turns direct on June 25, at 5 degrees of Gemini. Have you enjoyed your trip down memory lane or experienced significant changes in your love life? If this is the case, remember this time well, as Venus will retrograde again in Gemini May of 2028.

Venus shakes up our love lives and money. It is associated with the past and those from the past and at times it reveals flaws in relationships. People can break up or get back together and there is a fated or karmic affect. Its direct motion can only help money matters overall. It will continue in the ‘shadow’ period of its direct motion until July 28, when it returns to normal. Venus will remain in Gemini until August 7th.

If it turns direct in a positive angle in your personal chart you could experience something positive, meet someone new or experience some type of good fortune.

Mars enters Aries
Mars leaves Pisces and enters its own sign Aries on June 27. It will be very powerful in this sign and remain here until January of 2021 due to its retrograde in September.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac ruling the self, and things won’t be boring with Mars in Aries. This is an action oriented Cardinal sign which means things will be happening.

Mars will clash with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto for the rest of the year causing upheaval in the world that can impact us personally if this hits something significant in your personal chart.
The most important dates to watch are:
July 8th and 27th Mars squares Mercury
Week of August 23
Week of September 27
Week of December 20

Jupiter conjuncts Pluto
Jupiter conjunct Pluto June 30, but the week before and after are significant. On a personal level significant events can occur at this time as Jupiter expands and Pluto reforms, remakes and changes. As a result many major things can happen: deals can come together or end depending on how this affects your personal chart.
This is significant in the world as issues concerning money, agendas, foreign related issues and politics will be revealed during these times. Jupiter-Pluto can also relate to terrorism. In the United States chart Jupiter and Pluto will oppose Mercury from the 2nd to the 8th houses of finance and death. I have been predicting for weeks Covid would expand at this time and Sunday saw the largest one day spike since it began. As a result we will hear of more death, and we could hear of some type of national death as well. This will represent the 2nd of three conjunctions and another one will occur in November.

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