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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

August 3 full moon in Aquarius: electric and unexpected!

The August 3rd full moon follows on the heels of the unpredictable Sun-Uranus square on August 2, and the Moon itself makes a square to Uranus on this full Moon, creating a mix of changeable if not erratic energy.

The influence of Uranus will being about unexpected situations, events and emotions. The Sun square Uranus represents changeable egos and the Moon rules the emotions and women as well as the home. Aquarius and Uranus can be connected to genius and cutting edge types of innovations so while this moon will be anything but serene, brilliance can be part of the energy as well as unpredictability.

You could experience a great restlessness or desire for change over these few days. Now may be the times to take a new look at how you approach things and make subsequent alterations. These changes may appear sudden to others but it would be the product of gradually evolving tensions that have become too burdensome to continue. Change could also seem to come out of the blue with little advance notice. If you have been in an oppressive relationship or some other situation that has not been working, now may be the time to break free and find a different path. Alternatively, others may choose to break free from something as well. The planet Uranus is often associated with ‘freedom at any cost,’ as well as divorce and separation. It is also associated with astrology, aviation and aircraft, earthquake activity and rebellions and coups and unpredictable weather and accidents.

Mercury opposes Saturn creating a serious if not pessimistic type of energy that can be associated with negative news and restrictions. Thinking will be very deep at this time and you could feel worried or find it difficult to communicate your ideas and feelings. This opposition in Cancer-Capricorn is concerned with home and security, or the security of the homeland. Mars is square Jupiter which can refer to a tendency to act in a careless manner. It points to impatience and recklessness, but on some occasions can indicate bravery. Jupiter also rules lawyers, the courts and government.

This is one of the most powerful full moons of the year and can act in ways that are random and volatile. It important to keep a calm attitude and approach things in an intelligent and grounded manner. For those who thrive on change this moon can seem electric.

This full moon will play out in the US and the world in terms of sudden and unexpected if not explosive events, concern with finances, and unstable political situations and and/or news concerning women. In the US President Donald Trump’s chart, this full moon shows revelations, or situations that will become revealed and it is possible a health problem could surface now or in the near future as it ‘sets off’ his current transit of Uranus square natal Pluto.  Pluto also deals with power struggles, bullying tactics, sex and money.
Aquarius is the ruler of the 11th house of the collective or humanity in general so there is a strong chance this moon will affect all of us in some way.  There could be concern over the internet or other electronic forms of communication, explosions or explosive situations and unpredictable weather. There is a strong possibility of violence on and around the few days surrounding this full moon so it is important to remain aware.


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