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Monday, August 10, 2020

Mars enters its Cardinal squares

Mars has entered its square to Pluto which will represent a tense and volatile time in the world. This transit is exact August 13-16, but the energy will be felt in the days before and after. Mars then enters its square to Saturn which is exact August 24th, but the energy will remain with us throughout the month of September as Mars turns retrograde September 9th. It may be worthwhile to pay attention to what happens over these days as these squares will repeat themselves several times before Mars leaves Aries in January 2021.

Mars-Pluto is an obsessive and volatile transit capable of producing conflict, anger, rage and abuse on many levels. Some things may end, but for some situations and projects may also come together at this time. Projects and situations reaching a peak can be one manifestation of this transit. Situations or additional information can also be revealed as Pluto transits typically reveal new information. Pluto-Mars often relates to manipulation, sex, money, power or control. Mars-Pluto transits at their worse are indicative of physical violence, jealousy and rage.

At its best, this transit may transform or regenerate something that needed to change.  Issues may finally be resolved one way or another and this can include relationships, business, and they way you approach things. It can also eliminate old conditions and create new ones, but even if this is the case, nothing comes easily at this time.

The best choice with a transit like this is to use clear thinking and pick your battles carefully because if you take a shot and someone, expect repercussions.

You will experience this transit to a greater degree if it is aspecting your personal natal chart. If this is the case you have a Cardinal planet-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at 23-24 degrees. If this does not affect your personal chart you could see this transit play out in terms of those around you.

On the world stage Mars-Pluto transits typically deal with violence and aggression, the abuse of power, media, finances and those pushing an agenda.

In mundane astrology Saturn represents the state and its institutions, as well as control and propaganda.

Mars rules men and guns and this transit is also connected to crime and criminal undertakings or forcing an agenda. It can involve nuclear weapons or events. This aspect hits the chart of Donald Trump who is on a downhill swing due to Pluto’s opposition to his natal Saturn which often deals with a loss of power. Mars will set off the Pluto-Saturn opposition in his chart and bring major problems and issues to the forefront.

Mars will also square Mercury in the chart of Vladimir Putin, setting off his transiting transiting Pluto-Mercury square. This will deal with propaganda, secret information and it is possible new information will be revealed.
Mars will square Pluto again October 9th and December 23rd.

Mars squares Saturn
Following Mars square to Pluto it begins its square to Saturn becoming exact on August 24. Mars-Saturn transits relate to frustration, delays and obstacles. Much work can be accomplished with a great deal of effort.

Mars rules our energy and in some way it may seem or feel restricted. This can be a period where we don't have the vigor we are accustomed to, and we may feel limited or slowed down in some way.

Mars-Saturn can result in anger and it is often considered a transit of some form of cruelty or it may seem that way.

The best way to deal with this transit is to proceed with caution, slowly and methodically as you go about your week. Used constructively, you may accomplish more than you think.
My advice is to use caution in your dealings with others as they can lash out if angered or irritated, and you could regret bringing up controversial subjects.

Saturn-Mars transits typically involve military and police affairs in the world and we can expect to see a great deal of upheaval over these few days if not violence.  
Mars will remain within 2 degrees of Saturn throughout the month of September, giving us a lengthy period of time under this restrictive energy.
Mars –Saturn will be exact again September 29th.


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