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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

In search of Love and Justice; New moon in Libra



The Libra new moon falls on October 16, and is in harsh aspect to three of the most challenging and difficult planets; Mars (retrograde), Saturn and Pluto. It also squares Jupiter, the planet of gain and expansion which can blow things out of proportion and amplify emotions. This is a new moon that will require us to deal with the harsh realities of the times we are living through and will represent a somber end of the work week.


Warrior planet Mars has entered its second square to Jupiter which is exact October 19th and becomes part of the new moon energy. Mars-Jupiter aspects tend to exaggerate for better or worse. This combination is frequently associated with the law, lawyers and justice. A serious fight to the death power struggle with themes of control and authority is in the making at the time of this new moon.


Jupiter rules the judiciary, and is also associated with medicine and Dr.’s as well. Mars squared Jupiter August 4th, and at this time we were witnessing a bitter struggle in Congress over Covid relief with no outcome. We also saw Hurricane Isaias make landfall in North Carolina. We could witness similar situations again, and as Jupiter expands whatever it touches its square to Mars and conjunction with Pluto will increase the number of Covid cases we are dealing with during the next month.


This energy can play out in the form of struggles in your most intimate relationships and partnerships, and some relationships may end at this time. Alternatively, with a great deal of work and understanding it may be possible to rise above the issues and facilitate regeneration and change for the better.


The sign Libra represents justice, the law and courts, and the symbol connected with it is the scales of justice. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, women and societal values all of which will come into question over the next few weeks.


This will make for a contentious week with Senate hearings for Judge Amy Barrett who has been nominated to the Supreme Court. The Moon, ruler of women, opposes Mars (anger), and squares Pluto (power struggles) and Saturn (government). We can expect to hear a great many angry voices this week, especially from women and those concerning women’s issues as well as our collective values. Pluto has to do with power and the abuse of power and authority so this aspect can turn into a ruthless desire on the part of certain people to push this nominee through regardless of the consequences, and without giving thought to the wishes of the majority. This drive for power can lead to conflict, extremism (Pluto) and violence (Mars) as well as greater polarization.


The new moon square Saturn can present tests, delays and obstacles that must be overcome to succeed.  Exhaustion and a negative approach to things could cause your projects to fail. If you turn the energy around and focus on hard work and determination to succeed, allowing for patience you have a better chance at accomplishing what you want.


The moon opposing Mars can aggravate and create a desire to fight. A more subtle as opposed to aggressive approach may work wonders.


Lastly, Moon square Pluto can lead to new information being uncovered, issues with women, obsessiveness and over-thinking. A desire to be in control may also cause problems, or problems could occur with authority figures. On the positive side, you could feel empowered, at best.


With Mercury in its stationary retrograde period events connected to this new moon may be delayed by a few days.


During this new moon period we may all feel pressured and some will feel lonely. Things will pan out better if we make a larger effort to get along with others. The more positive outcome of this moon is to try and fortify relationships with others and focus on achieving what Libra is known for; peace and balance. It may be more difficult at this time than others but the results will be worth it.












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