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Thursday, April 8, 2021

New Moon in Aries: Change, obsessions and control


April’s New Moon falls in Cardinal sign Aries, which can light a fire under us and sparks may fly on many different levels. Aries ruler Mars, is the planet of action and is all about forward movement and taking the initiative.  At the time of this New Moon, Mars is in mental Gemini, so the action may be mental as well as physical.

Aries rules the first house of the self and we are typically connected with our own personal needs, sometimes to the exclusion of others. This will mark a time of fresh starts, new beginnings and the like, and this moon can pack a punch!

We can expect to be active and our energies will be fueled by Mars, Aries ruler. This moon may seem aggressive to some, and we may as well expect some of the people we are involved with to seem cranky and argumentative as Aries does not work as well for Water signs as it does Fire signs.

This Moon will give us an opportunity to decide where we are going and how we get there, as it is the first full moon of spring and marks a brand new cycle in the astrological New Year which began March 20th.

Transformation and change may well be on our mind as this moon will square Pluto, the harbinger of change and transformation, making change possible, but at the same time not easy. For some, the Moon’s square to Pluto could bring revelations of some type, but if so, this is information we need to move forward. This can also create fears of rejection and bring up old issues from the past.

Venus crashes with Pluto as well, and transit is exact just after 11:00 PM, EDT.

Venus-Pluto aspects can bring up obsessions, hidden desires or suspicions and issues concerning money. Something could be divulged concerning relationships or our emotions, and this can be hard energy to handle. Arguments and disagreements can arise, so this is not the best time to bring up contentious issues, but if you do be prepared for the answer. At times, old lovers may resurface or you could feel fixated on something from the past. At best this transit can transform a relationship for the better, and at worst, it can be destructive due to its obsessive and controlling nature. Pluto transits tend to tear things down before they rebuild in a stronger way.





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