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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

April's unpredictable full moon


April’s full moon occurs April 26th/27th depending on which coast you live on. The lunar peak occurs at 8 degrees of Scorpio and this moon will oppose Uranus. With a powerful aspect like this we can expect unexpected situations to arise and some of them may seem explosive. This day and the few before and after may be full of unexpected events, mood changes and changes of plans. Freedom and money or loans, mortgages and joint finances may be a theme, and we could see changes in financial markets at this time.

Many people may desire more freedom, and some relationships and other situations may end or change unexpectedly.

Uranus can rule brilliance and change, but also disruption and unexpected themes. For some this could be an ideal time to make a change in a new direction. It is a moon we should not make rigid plans for and remain fluid in terms of changing activities and events.

As this moon also opposes the Sun, Venus and Mercury, events could concern loved ones, romance and relationships, young people, travel and communication. As the Moon squares Saturn, energies can be tiring, negative, and we may feel we are not up to all of our responsibilities. This can seem for some like the ‘heavy hand of life.’

At this time we can expect major, if not unexpected events and news/news in the few days before or after this full moon. We will see many changes around the globe. Uranus can be associated with coups and rebellions, airplane crashes, hackings, internet-computer problems, volatility, news of public deaths such as we have already seen with former VP Walter Mondale.

April 27th, Pluto, or the God of the Underworld changes direction and retrogrades as it does every year. World events often occur around this time but on a personal level we may hardly notice it. Events and concerns may become more internalized, and issues resolved between now and October 6th, when it turns direct again. This aspect seems to especially affect lawsuits, criminal proceedings and significant money matters to a greater degree than other things.

If you are currently experiencing a harsh Pluto aspect you may well notice changes that begin to occur around the time of Pluto’s retrograde.



  1. Thanks for your insights. This has been an intense week and I expect the full moon will be even more of the same.

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