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Monday, May 3, 2021

May astrology: Change is imminent!


We have experienced an unusual 9 week period that began late February and lasted through the first three weeks of April where we have had no retrograde planets and everything was full steam ahead. That began to change April 27th with Pluto’s retrograde and it will be followed by Saturn’s retrograde on May 23rd, and Mercury on May 29th.

The planet of luck and gain, or Jupiter, changes signs May 14th when it enters Pisces for the next two and a half months, changing what and how we expand our lives. This will give us a taste of what 2022 will ultimately bring when Jupiter remains in Pisces most of the year.

May is the start of the spring eclipse season and we will experience our first lunar eclipse of the year on May 26th, at 6 degrees of Sagittarius, preceded by a pleasant New Moon in Taurus May 11th

During May, the Sun transits through Taurus and then Gemini. Mercury, the planet ruling communication enters Gemini May 3rd, and then turns retrograde on May 29th for the next three weeks.

The planet of action or Mars, travels through Cancer all month, tying our actions to our emotions and putting a focus on home, real estate and family.

Jupiter enters Pisces May 13th

May 13th, the planet ruling our gain and luck enters the sign Pisces where it will remain through July 28th.  At that point it will retrograde back into Aquarius where it will spend the rest of the year. This will give us a chance to dip our toes into the Neptunian Pisces energy which will be a big change from Aquarius.  Pisces is one of the signs of Jupiter’s rulership, which means actions that play out relating to Jupiter are likely to be positive and Jupiter will operate with ease in this sign. During Jupiter’s transit through Pisces, its annual retrograde will begin June 20th, and it will not turn direct until October 18th when it is back in Aquarius. When retrograde, Jupiter’s positive energies may be diminished some but they are still active.

Jupiter in Pisces is related to creativity, spirituality, creative expression, compassion and intuition. The sign Pisces is associated with Jupiter, its ancient ruler and also its modern ruler, Neptune. While Jupiter is expansive and typically positive,  Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, as well as psychic abilities, religion, theatre and the arts, the ocean and drugs, alcohol and delusion and lies.  During Jupiter’s retrograde period in Pisces we must guard against self-deception, sacrificing ones happiness for the whim of others, and looking at things through too-rosy glasses.

Jupiter is also associated with the 9th house of travel, education, publishing, world view and religious or philosophical viewpoints so there will be a great deal of focus or expansion in these areas.

Jupiter in Aquarius is about new ways of approaching things, brotherhood and equality, Jupiter in Pisces will be about healing, compassion and the roles of those who help and serve will be amplified. Romance may make a comeback with Jupiter in Pisces along with the finer more gentle qualities associated with love and romance.

Pisces is connected to drugs and addictions of all types which for some could be amplified along with a desire for redemption. Pisces/Neptune can also be associated with those who have the least. Don’t be surprised if we don’t see the humanitarian crisis at the US border (and other borders) expand, just as it has since Neptune entered Pisces in 2011. If this is the case, the humanitarian efforts and search for solutions will expand as well.

Uranus’s square to Saturn

During May, Uranus and Saturn approach their second harsh square to each other which will bring about a great deal of change in the world, and in our lives and some of it will be unexpected.  While this transit is not exact until mid-June, events connected to this aspect will begin to play out in May, in particular the second half of the month. This transit is the most significant aspect we experience in 2021.

Saturn-Uranus transits are associated with the transfer of wealth, often bringing recessions. Some economists believe we are in a Covid recession at this time, and if not income inequality is certainly a theme that will continue this year. This is a disruptive transit that will shake things up in many areas on the world stage and in our lives, especially if you have fixed planets: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius at 11-15 degrees. We could see civil unrest, attempted coups, earth changes and a drive for police reform among other topics. Major computer hacks, airplane crashes, terror threats, threats of war and violence are all a possibility at this time.

All is not negative however; as we are in a time when change in inevitable. We will see brilliant ideas, new inventions, social reform and potential freedom for others as well as the negative. We are already in a period where space exploration is advancing with all of the information we are acquiring about Mars.

Saturn-Uranus in 1999-2000

The last time Saturn was in a square with Uranus was 1999- 2000. The aspects occurred in July and November of 1999 and May of 2020. If you are old enough to remember these times you may have an idea what to expect this time around.

During those years euro currency was established and the European Central Bank assumed its full powers, President Clinton was impeached acquitted by the Senate, the Roth IRA is introduced, the Kosovo war occurred, Bill Gates personal fortune exceeded 100 billion, the Columbine school massacre occurred, Dow Jones exceeded 11,000 for the first time and a major flood happened in Las Vegas, In 2000, the dot com industry collapsed, AOL purchased Time-Warner, Ealian Gonzales was returned to his parent in Cuba after being rescued by the Coast Guard, Microsoft released Windows 2000, the courts ruled Microsoft violated anti-trust laws and Vermont legalized same sex civil unions. George Bush was nominated for the Presidential race along with Al Gore and Bill Clinton became the first US President to visit Vietnam. The Supreme Court overturned the ruling by the Florida Supreme Court, ending the Presidential recount and effectively giving the state and the Presidency, to Texas Governor George W. Bush in 2000 after a retracted period. Do you remember Y2K? The computers were supposed to crash leaving us in darkness, and there were people who hoarded food for months in preparation of this. These are just a few of the incidents that occurred the last time Saturn squared Uranus.

We also experienced a Saturn-Uranus square 1929-1931, and this of course represents the Great Depression. Uranus was in Taurus at this time as it is today. The ‘Dust Bowl’ was in full swing, changing agricultural practices.

Saturn-Uranus in February 2021

The first peak of this powerful square occurred earlier this year the week of February 17th. Many things occurred around the world, but one of the most significant events was the 100 year snowstorm in Texas followed by the collapse of the Texas electrical grid, and problems with the water supply. This was considered an unexpected event, with a number of deaths.

The eclipse season begins

The eclipse season begins in May this year and the first total lunar eclipse of the year occurs May 26, at 5 degrees in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules the 9th house of travel, education, philosophy, publishing, religion and world view as well as foreign places and legal affairs. This eclipse falls in less than three weeks before to the Uranus-Saturn square and Mercury is almost stationary retrograde which could delay events connected to the eclipse, or cause problems in communication, travel, speaking and with young people, or all manner of glitches, revelations and breakdowns.

At the time of this eclipse, the Moon squares Jupiter. While this is pleasant most of the time, things can be blown out of proportion, or we could see or hear news of foreign people, lawyers, and lawsuits, and politics. In the US, we should expect sudden, and unexpected events, revelations and the mood of the population will be stirred up.

Mars trines Neptune, which will represent a creative and compassionate energy that will go a long way toward changing or calming matters. Compassionate action will make itself seen and heard during this time on the world stage and in our lives.

Venus squares Neptune on the day of this eclipse and this represents a double edged sword. This can manifest as creativity, dim lights and reverie, but it is advisable to use caution in all of your dealings especially relating to love and money. Romance may be on the horizon, but don’t believe everything you hear, rather let a few days go by before coming to solid confusions, and this does not favor clear financial transactions that may turn out differently than planned.

The New Moon in Taurus

May’s New Moon falls in the second sign of spring or Taurus, a time of new growth and closeness to the earth, possessions, luxury, beauty and the sensual side of living. Both the Moon and Sun sextile Neptune which will create a dreamy, creative, and sensitive aspect, with a desire to connect with others. As Taurus rules the second house in astrology we may be focused on money, possessions and issues of self worth. As this New Moon makes no harsh aspects, now is the time to enjoy the richness of Taurus and the Taurus season which changes to Gemini on May 20th with the Sun’s entrance in that sign.

Other aspects in May

May 3rd, Mercury enters Gemini and retrogrades

Thoughts and conversation will pick up speed, and be noticeably lacking in emotion as Gemini is more of an intellectual sign, and in this placement Mercury is very powerful.
Mercury rules speech, communication, conversation, travel and young people, and its retrograde begins May 29th.

People often ask if it is ok to begin new projects a few days or even a couple of weeks before the retrograde, and the answer is no, not really. Mercurial energy will start to shift during this time, and at the very least it becomes a wild card in the equation-a very wild card! Start something shortly before a retrograde and in my experience it is no different than starting it during the retrograde. The energy is already changing and starting to slow down. It is time to wrap things up!

Mercury turns stationary retrograde May 29-4th,  and this is typically when it becomes obvious the energy is changing, glitches occur and we sometimes start to find things out that were previously unknown.

Don't get married or engaged, buy electronics or big ticket items on a retrograde Mercury or start new projects. If you start a new relationship during this period it will likely not work out, but it depends on your chart. Sometimes relationships that begin on a retrograde resurface only during the next retrograde and this includes non romantic relationships as well. This time is well spent in re-doing, re-examining and re-accessing your situations, and this is the natural cycle, it just isn't always on our own personal timing.

A retrograde Mercury is often a period we can re-connect with those from our past, but it is not a guarantee. This is  a fated period in some respects. We often find things out that affect our decision making and plans that affect the future. Some relationships experience ups and downs that provide an opportunity to examine what is not working. Some relationships will end, but a retrograde Mercury alone is not enough to typically end a relationship unless it began on a retrograde which makes it more suspect.

May 8th, Venus enters Gemini

When Venus enters Gemini love energies change once again and this will be completely different from Taurus.

Venus in Gemini is concerned with conversation, ideas, truths, and it doesn't like to be too staid or bored. Venus in Gemini can be as sensual as any other sign, but you must bring conversation, adventure and fun to the picture. Manners count as does intelligence and ideas, most of all.

Venus in Gemini enjoys many different types of people and can flit from one group to another with little notice, and often expect their partner to be able to travel with them at the speed of light if necessary. Routine situations can be quite dull and boring, as are dogmatic, predictable people.

Venus here is light and airy, and there is no greater turn off for those with Venus in this sign than people who are emotionally heavy and limiting, or jealous and possessive.

Gemini is associated with the third house of the zodiac which rules communications, sales, writing ability, media, advertising, publicity, short journeys, neighbors, and siblings. The third house is also associated with the active search for knowledge, mental energy and telepathy.

Venus in Gemini is drawn to charismatic people who have interesting things to say. Gemini likes someone who can suggest interesting, if not adventuresome dates and places to go and always has their own thoughts about what is going on.

Typically Venus-Gemini looks for friends first, and isn’t going to jump into an exclusive relationship overnight. And you will typically not want to be committed to one person unless there is an understanding between both parties. Gemini is a mutable sign, so it's subject to change. Venus in Gemini has a bad rap astrologically for being fickle. As Gemini is a changeable sign, she (or he) can change her mind, but who can't? The dark side of Venus in Gemini has the potential to leave lovers in the lurch suddenly, but I don't think there is any Venus that could be exempt from this, especially if there is a good reason. Gemini can be more changeable than some, especially if things become too intense or dull. This could of course leave some people feeling duped, which again contributes to Venus's placement here being considered fickle.

The Sun enters Gemini May 20th

Welcome to the Gemini season! The Sun in this sign now joins with Mercury and Venus in Gemini and the next month will be a lighter and more intellectual period of time. Now is the time to think about new ideas and new ways of approaching old problems. Let your mind be your guide through this season, but the time to put these ideas into practice will be when Mercury turns direct again after June 22nd.

May 23rd Saturn retrogrades

Saturn begins its annual retrograde that will last through October 11th. Saturn is currently in Aquarius, the sign that rules the collective or all of us. With the situation involving Covid-19 we are all drawn into what affects us as a collective far more than we have been in the recent past. Saturn in this sign will manifest as a time when we all find own place as individuals within the collective.

Retrograde Saturn is a time to back up and re-access the major events going on in our lives. We can make a great deal of progress during this time although it may not seem so at first glance.

As Saturn deals with our structures we may be concerned with basic security issues while Saturn is retrograde, both individually and collectively.

If Saturn turns retrograde in a harsh angle, you can expect frustration in whatever area of your life Saturn is transiting.

Saturn is our personal teacher that rules our reality, structure, maturity and responsibility. During its retrograde this is a good time to shore up areas of your life that need new structure. It could be in the area of finances, work or even relationships.

Whatever area Saturn is transiting in your personal chart may need extra work as Saturn retrogrades through it. The lessons you learn at this time may be difficult and it can be a time of greater anxiety, fear or even sadness. If this is the case Saturn’s retrograde will be a time to confront these issues and focus on a workable solution.

May 3rd-Mercury squares Jupiter and the Sun squares Saturn. Mercury-Jupiter is an expansive transit although things can get blown out of proportion. The sun’s square to Saturn is typically a serious if not depressing or draining influence. Ideas may come quickly on this day but action may be delayed or slow.



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