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Friday, April 11, 2014

Eclipse in Libra: relationships and our connections with others


The eclipse season begins and April's first eclipse falls at 25 degrees of Libra, and this is a full moon/lunar eclipse occurring April 15, at 3:42 a.m., EST.

As with all lunar eclipses, a full moon signals things and situations can come to fruition, that were often started on the New moon (March 30). Eclipses shed light on circumstances or reveal previously unknown situations.

This eclipse falls within days of the grand cross becoming exact with Mars, so this eclipse will set off the grand cross, and events that occur at this time will affect the world stage on a large scale as well as ourselves and our lives personally. The grand cross aspects everyone's chart but will affect you to a greater degree if personal planets in your chart are being aspected.

This eclipse is about relationships, and we have entered the pull of this energy. Romantic, friendship, business and connections with others of all types will be emphasized. Other seventh house issues may involve conflicts with those who are known to work against us, or 'open enemies,' and courts/legal events.

April 11, Venus conjuncts Neptune at 6 degrees of Pisces and this can create a glamorous illusion, or a false one. Neptune rules illusion, delusion and confusion, but as both Neptune and Venus are exalted this is a powerful configuration, but remember Neptunian illusions are not always grounded in reality.

Not all eclipse events are negative, but some things may end during this period. If your relationship is troubled look for issues to arise that could signal an ending, depending on what else is in your chart. On the other hand, this may be a time of freeing yourself from a situation or person that has held you back in some way.

April 14, Mercury squares Jupiter and conjuncts Uranus at 13 degrees Aries, and we are off to the races, so to speak. This will set off the grand cross, and events begin to unfold in our personal lives and the world for what they will be and bring.

Mercury-Jupiter tends to blow things out of proportion and Mercury-Uranus will be constant communication/thinking that comes at a rapid pace and can cause irritation. This can lead to sloppiness in thinking and at work, and for some it may bring flashes of brilliance. Unexpected news and communication may come suddenly and unexpectedly and accidents can occur if caution is not used.

Pluto turns stationary retrograde at 7:44 p.m. on the eve of the eclipse April 14, and this powerhouse planet-yes, I said planet-will bring to the forefront deep subconscious motivations that have been simmering underneath and situations become more intense or 'plutonian.' People in general will become more suspicious of others and we may feel the need to release that which is outworn or useless.

April 15, Mercury squares Pluto as it turns retrograde, and this is an obsessive transit not satisfied with surface answers. Issues and information may be revealed that are shocking.

April 16, Mercury will oppose Mars, and as the eclipse energy continues, this is a transit of mental activity, or argumentativeness/upset and accident prone. Consider the way you are speaking to others as there can be repercussions.

Harsh transits will continue to occur over the next two weeks and if your relationship is in trouble-whatever type of relationship it is, you should see the end result by the solar eclipse at the end of the month. This may not be the time to press issues, unless you are prepared for truth and consequences. Balance is called for in all relationships but it may be hard to find and in short supply over the next several weeks. Try and focus on finding balance and harmony in your own surroundings and life.

The World Stage and United States

The eclipse chart is set for April 15. 3:34 a.m. Washington, D.C. Like on the personal level this eclipse will deal with our relationships with others on a collective level.

The ascendant of this chart is 15 degrees Aquarius and it's ruler Uranus lies in the second house of money/income, conjunct Mercury opposing Mars in the eighth house. The second-eighth house axis deals with money, credit, income, multinational finance and corporations, taxes and other people's money and security.

The eighth house also rules death, public mortality, taxes and rebirth and transformation on a national scale.

As Mercury and Uranus are conjunct information will be shocking, fast and could involve children, young people and the world of technology-internet-communications. A new virus called Heartbleed has emerged that has been said to bypass security measures and now would be the time for more information to come to light regarding this situation.

Uranus events lend themselves to sudden, unexpected and explosive situations. Weather-earth related events can be extreme around this eclipse.

Mercury squares Pluto in the 11th house of groups and organizations and is obsessive, and issues of a worldwide nature that affect large groups of people (and the media) will come into focus. Pluto rules oil and nuclear energy and this is a transit that may bring bullies to light, whether on a small or worldwide scale.

Mercury squares Jupiter in the fifth house of children. We will likely be dealing with issues concerning children/young people. Jupiter opposes Pluto from the fifth house and this transit is indicative of terrorism and we could see incidents that occur in places of entertainment.

Mercury opposing Mars is argumentative, angry and volatile and can involve communication of all types. It becomes exact in its opposition to Mars over the next several days. Transportation problems and accidents will be another issue that can come to light.

The Sun rules the President and government and also falls in the second house (money-income) and opposes the Moon in the eighth house of money/death. The US President could become involved in some type of financial concern connected to national or international finance/security. Sun-Moon oppositions heighten the emotionality of situations.

The eclipse falls in President Obama's eighth house of finance, death and rebirth and is square Saturn in his twelfth house. Moon square Saturn is harsh, deals with restrictions, and elements of a subversive, hidden and secretive nature in the twelfth.

All in all five out of ten planets fall on the second-eighth house axis showing events of a transformative nature that involve our relationships with others, finance, and potential death in the news, and the possibility of some type of national rebirth in several areas.

Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars all fall on the US natal chart Sun showing trouble, aggravation, anger and potential aggressiveness in connection with the United States in more than one area over the next several weeks.

Monumental power struggles in many areas will occur over the next few weeks that involve social and political, financial, environmental, military, even religious forces that are often hidden that are striving to break down our structures we have taken for granted for years, and this is done with a secretive and deliberate attempt by individuals and entities that remain hidden.

Aquarius's co-ruler is Saturn, and it is retrograde and lies in the ninth house governing foreign affairs, world view, education and travel, and it makes no aspects.

Neptune lies in the first house and is still conjunct Venus with a 4 degree orb in Pisces. Neptune in the first house shows us we may not know all that is going on, and some may be susceptible to glamorous illusions or untruths.

Neptune rules the ocean and water, cinema, religion, spirituality, psychics, religion, drugs and alcohol,  lies and deception.

Venus is trine Jupiter, sextile Pluto and this may lend an element of pleasure to the days around the eclipse. Remember Nero fiddled as Rome burned.

As with every eclipse good and bad events will occur. We could see emerging technology and the potential of medical breakthroughs and creative endeavors in film, music and spirituality. One way or another the grand cross will change the world we live in and set the tone for many years to come.

Russia's President Putin will be play a role in the grand cross as it falls dead on his 13 degree Sun. As Mars opposes his Sun he is set for a conflict with the United States and others as Mars and the grand cross fall on the US Sun at the same time.

It is likely he will feel empowered and in a war like frame of mind, and political minds say Civil War in the Ukraine is possible. Should he take these steps he will be faced with many enemies as Saturn will square his Jupiter in the seventh house (open enemies) within six weeks, and this could lead to some type of US involvement in the situation one way or another.

The next eclipse occurs April 28-29 at 9 degrees of Taurus and this will be a time of new beginnings.









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