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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Action, big changes, unexpected events

The Sun entered Leo July 22, and this will change energy in the world substantially. The Sun will conjunct Jupiter in the evening hours of July 23-24, and for some this will be positive energy depending on what it is aspecting in your chart.

Mercury opposed Pluto July 22, and this transit is indicative of propaganda in the world, obsessiveness, and the media and all the news is about Malaysian flight M17, and the conflict in the Ukraine.  By July 24, Mercury squares Uranus, and this will relate to unexpected news. Uranus rules aircraft, weather, revolts and revolutions and  we will hear news out of the norm, that could involve young people as well. Aircraft will be top priority and over the next days we may see the safety of aircraft and passengers become a topic.

In your own life, expect mental changes and unexpected news. Be careful traveling or driving, especially if you have a cardinal planet around 15-17 degrees. (Cancer, Capricorn, Aires or Libra)

These transits of Mercury (in Cancer) and soon Venus will set off the Uranus-Pluto square and this lets us know events that occur will be of major significance in the world and in our lives if this aspects your personal chart. As I have stated many times before, we are in history making times. Both events we are watching unfold on the news will change the course of history as we know it.

July 25, Mars enters Scorpio at 10:25 P.M., EST and this marks another major planetary shift. As Mars has been in Libra for 7 months, and in its retrograde shadow period until a few days ago, energy will really start to move forward now. Now, is the time to pick up the threads from past ideas, projects and situations that have moved slowly, and begin to really move forward. The first 7 months of 2014 have moved slowly due to the number of retrograde planets, but we are finally free to begin to act!

Scorpio is the most intense of signs and Mars placement here will be intense, deep, and in some cases dark and brooding. It will be indicative of continued violence in the world. Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex, and other people's money, and even death, and many issues that arise will be about these subjects and its is a transformative period. Mars will remain in this sign until September 12. How it will affect you, depends on what it is transiting in your own personal chart.

Mars however, squares the Sun July 25-26 and this is indicative of anger and frustration, military action and police, and Mars rules young men. No doubt this will show us continued conflicts in the world. Mars squared the Sun in Libra-Cancer on July 18, and we saw M17 shot down over the Ukraine.

July 26, the New moon occurs at 3 degrees of Leo at 6:42 P.M., EST. Moon-Jupiter transits can seem overall positive, but this moon squares Mars, bringing anger and frustration into the fray, both in the world and in our lives.

The moon will conjunct Jupiter, along with the Sun and we will truly experience a burst of Leo energy. Again, how this affects your personally will depend on how it is aspecting your chart.

As this triple transit is focused in Leo, we will see events in the world that are focused on children, the welfare of children, young men, governments, creativity and love affairs. As the moon squares Mars this moon does not bode well for children at risk in the world or even the United States.

In our personal lives we may take the positive route and focus on creativity, fun, friends, and this moon may spark love affairs, or at least the desire for love. In some cases it will personally focus on children.

July 27, Venus opposes Pluto and this will set off the Uranus-Pluto square once again. Venus-Pluto transits are obsessive, possessive and indicative of hurt feelings and intensity in relationships. At its best, it could be an intense interaction/transformative situation with the opposite sex, but more likely there will be obsessiveness and some relationships, and a great deal of jealousy. This is not the day to push and issue. You could hear of domestic violence.

In the world we will see events related to sexual abuse, possibly rape, and the abusive treatment of women and girls. Money could be a focus as well.

July 31, Venus squares Uranus. This will relate to changes in relationships, unexpected changes, endings and beginnings, and none of them especially stable.  You may feel the desire for something new and different. This transit often coincides with big swings in the financial markets and money. (7-23-2014)




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