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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

George Washington: Lucky George, the Founding Father you never knew

George Washington, the first US President, leader of the American revolution and US Founding Father,  was born February 22, 1732, 10 a.m., Wakefield, Va, to Augustine and Mary Ball Washington.

Washington was actually born 20 years prior to the 1752 introduction of the Gregorian Calendar When the Julian Calendar was "corrected" to the Gregorian Calendar, February 11th became February 22nd.

 His birth was somewhat unusual in that it almost never took place. According to Ripley's Believe it or Not TV series, shortly before Mary's pregnancy was known, she suffered from a sickness that was so intense it put her into a coma and she was buried while still alive. Just before her coffin was lowered into the ground Augustine heard sounds coming from the coffin and upon opening it  discovered Mary had regained consciousness. Her pregnancy was discovered soon after, and George Washington was born the next year.

All his life George had a fear of being buried alive, which occurred often during his time. Just before his death he said to his secretary, ""I am just going. Have me decently buried; and don't let my body be put into the vault in less than three days after I am dead. Tis well"

George Washington was a three degree Pisces Sun with a 18 degree Taurus ascendant. Taurus rules the earth and both before and after his Presidency he was a planter, plantation owner, and in early life land surveyor. Pisces is the most sensitive of signs and often associated with those who have psychic qualities.

The Moon shows the wife, emotional life and the Mother in a man's chart, and Washington's moon lies at 16 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto square the moon can indicate a controlling or possessive female presence. Moon in Capricorn is cool emotionally and generally loyal once committed to a stand or cause.

Washington was reputed to have had a cool and distant relationship with his mother as an adult. During the Revolutionary War and her son's presidency, (Mary Ball Washington) is alleged to have never stated a word of praise about her son and was reputed to have  been a Tory. Late during the Revolutionary War, Mary Washington petitioned the Virginia legislature for financial relief, pleading poverty—and, by implication, neglect by her son. Washington, who was shown to have been very generous to his mother, was indignant over these claims.

Washington was born with a grand trine, considered the luckiest of formations, and a mystic rectangle pattern in his chart.

A Grand trine is a 3 sided triangle that encompasses three planets and is considered very lucky. The areas of life affected in the chart by the grand trine are said to operate with ease.

Grand trines must be worked to achieve success at and show an inborn talent capable of success utilizing the planets and their placements, and George made the most of it. His grand trine makes aspects to his first house (self), tenth house of career and reputation and sixth house of work.

His Grand trine in Air is considered highly intuitive, and involves Mercury and Jupiter, very positive for successful in business and communications. It also involves his Neptune in Gemini giving it an intuitive and quick edge. Jupiter in Libra gives him luck and was a contributing factor to his happy and lifelong marriage to Martha at age 27.

Martha Washington was a prominent widow whose husband died unexpectedly, and upon marriage George instantly became an extremely wealthy Va. planter as he inherited use of her wealth. (he already had family money) They were married until death and in one of his letters to Martha years after the marriage, he wrote, "Fort Cumberland, July 20, 1758, We have begun our march to the Ohio. A courier is starting for Williamsburg, and I embrace the opportunity to send a few words to one whose life is now inseparable from mine. Since that happy hour when we made our pledges to each other, my thoughts have been continually going to you as to another Self. That All-powerful Providence may keep us both in safety is the prayer of your faithful and ever affectionate friend, G. Washington."

Uranus and Mars lie in his seventh house of marriage (and enemies) and Uranus opposes Neptune, but is part of a kite pattern that has been described as 'a grand trine with backbone.'

In a kite pattern, all three planets in a grand trine are connected to a fourth planet, one by an opposition and the other two by sextiles. This is a combination of tense and harmonious in which the two planets connected by trines and sextiles provide outlets for the tension of the opposition.

Uranus in his seventh house shows an unusual marriage partner. Uranus is supported by Mercury on one end, and Jupiter on the other, showing a marriage where the pair would enjoy communication and information and Jupiter shows wealth, tolerance and good will, along with luck in a fortunate marriage.

Martha Washington was born June 2, 1731, and has a 17 degree Taurus moon which lies on George's ascendant, showing she would play a prominent role in his life, and they would have a strong emotional connection. Her Venus was at 2 degrees Taurus, sextiling his Sun showing love and compatibility. Theirs was a union meant to be, and Martha actually accompanied him on many of his military campaigns during the revolutionary War.

Mars also lies in his seventh house of marriage and partners at 23 degrees of Scorpio, but it trines his Venus showing a life that would include success, money and a compatible mate.

Mars in Scorpio individuals have little fear of treading into dark places others would avoid. George distinguished himself as a fearless leader in the military early on, and of course was Commander in Chief during the Revolutionary war. Mars in the placement would guarantee many enemies, but its trine to Venus would give him luck to overcome.

Mars in Scorpio individuals are not people to be messed with so to speak, and retaliation  can be swift and pack a punch. He was the perfect individual to lead America to freedom, and his chart speaks volumes about his destiny.

In men, Mars in Scorpio generates a great deal of sexual energy. These men seldom have a problem finding a partner and can come across as magnetic. They are usually passionate and sensitive, and generally love sex. In spite of the generic pictures we are accustomed to seeing of Washington in his later years, in his youth it is more likely George Washington was a 'hunk,' and his courtship and marriage to Martha very passionate.
The other prominent pattern in Washington's  chart is a mystic rectangle. Astrologer Dane Rudhyar calls the mystic rectangle, the “Harmonic” Rectangle and wrote, “One of the most practically constructive and spiritually harmonious possibilities of any rectangle is indicated when the 2 oppositions are linked by sextiles and trines.” Where fully active, this ‘Harmonic Rectangle’ points to the potential development of a character strongly organized in an attempt to take an important step in personal growth and/or spiritual development. The configuration tends to bring the polarized elements symbolized by the oppositions into a unity, because a strong sense of organization (sextile) and a cohesive, purposeful vision (Trine) are potential in the personality. Whatever tensions arise in the life or personality that are symbolized in the opposing planets (or opposition) don’t necessarily ‘go away.’ But, they can be “laid on the altar,” or channeled toward the concrete completion of a significant life-task."

Washington's mid-heaven shows his career, and falls at 29 degrees of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, and is prominent in his chart.

Aquarius rules his tenth house of career and the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus (along with Saturn) located in his seventh house (marriage and known enemies). His Mercury lies in Aquarius in the tenth giving him a universal viewpoint, and an open mind and is sextile his natal Uranus at 10 degrees Sagittarius, showing an idealistic point of view and brilliance.

Uranus is associated with revolutions and rebellions and is always prominent in individuals who bring change to the world through rebellions, coups and takeovers, which the Revolutionary war was considered at the time.

Uranus opposes his Neptune (14 degrees Gemini, retrograde) showing he would develop many enemies over an idealistic cause-the American revolution.

Washington's other tenth house ruler is Saturn and his Saturn lies at 2 degrees of Aries in his twelfth house also sextile his Mercury, showing us he had deliberate and methodical thinking.

Several Presidents of the United States have been connected to psychic experiences including George Washington. Washington's link to the psychic world is shown in several places in his chart that include his Sun in Pisces, Neptune in his first house, opposing Uranus, and his North Node in his eighth house.

In 1859, an interview with Anthony Sherman who had fought alongside George Washington, appeared in newspapers. Anthony Sherman revealed that during the darkest hour of the Revolutionary War (when George Washington was forced to retreated to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, in 1777), was when the vision occurred.

George Washington told in Anthony Sherman that a mysterious woman suddenly appeared in his personal tent. When challenged, the woman only stared at Washington and her stare seem to freeze him in place. The woman said ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn’ and began revealing the future of a new nation, the United States, and the challenges it would face. In brief, Washington was shown that the United States would eventually extend from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean. And, that the United States would become heavily populated with ‘villages and towns and cities springing up one after another until the whole land from the Atlantic to the Pacific was dotted with them’.

It was also revealed to Washington that the U.S. would face 3 significant challenges. Based on the descriptions, one challenge seems to indicate the Civil War, another might be interpreted as World Wars 1 and 2, and the last would seem to indicate some sort of invasion of the United States where the citizens nearly lose the fight if not for divine intervention. When the visions concluded Washington told Anthony Sherman, ‘… I started from my seat, and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been shown me the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States.’

After his vision he found the will to hold his fighting force together. The French joined the Americans as allies, and the Spanish and Dutch had begun their own assault on England’s interested.

On a final note, compassion is shown in Washington's chart through his water planets and Neptune in the first house. While slavery was taken for granted during his day, he had grave reservations about it, especially as he grew older. In his will he ordered his slaves freed upon his death. Martha's slaves were considered property of her estate left to her by her first husband, and passed on to her children so by law he was forbidden to disperse of any 'property' belonging to her estate.

George had no children of his own, but became step father and protector of Martha's children however, and by all accounts led a happy family life.

It is to this great man America owes its greatness, and his future as well as the 'experiment' called America is reflected in his chart.




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