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Saturday, July 26, 2014

August 2014: Cancer into Leo

(7-25)As we begin the eighth month of the year Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun form a stellium in Leo, which will be joined by Venus on August 12. Leo is the star of the show this month, just as Cancer was during July with its stellium of planets in the sign of home and family. ( stellium=three or more planets in the same sign clumped close together) As these planets enter Leo, the focus will shift from family to singles, and love and fun.

This many planets in one sign means that overall we will see a big focus on the things Leo represents. Leo, first of all is about royalty. We could hear news of royals, or be around people who act like royalty one way or another! In other words, on the negative end we could be dealing with people with an attitude. This is not always bad, some of us need to have more of an attitude. Leo is flashy and likes to be noticed and can have an attitude. Words that describe Leo are confident, fun, ambitious, loyal, generous, and in some cases pretentious, domineering and melodramatic.

Jupiter is in Leo and Jupiter expands the qualities whatever sign it is in. Jupiter in Leo rules the fifth house of creativity, friends, love affairs and children, just as Jupiter in Cancer expanded home and family. There will be many love affairs that begin during the year Jupiter is in Leo! We will be naturally more inclined to look for more fun, and after the serious and jarring transits, that are not gone, this will be a positive thing. During 2014-15 more children will be born, as the fifth house rules children.

Children will be in focus during August, and the July 26, New Moon falls at 4 degrees Leo- square Mars, showing children involved in military situations. The energy of the new moon will continue until August 25, and the plight of the children of war, as well as immigrants, and other situations will continue to be shown to us. This new moon was conjunct Jupiter and whatever Jupiter touches it expands, and the plight of these unfortunate children will continue to be a focus in the world.

Children showed prominently in the Summer solstice chart and I wrote, "Mercury (retrograde) in Gemini in the twelfth house of this chart, along with Saturn in Scorpio in the fifth house show many issues surrounding children and younger people who will continue to be in the news and I hate to say..suffer. School shootings are becoming random news, and this no doubt will relate to the surge of child immigrants crossing America's borders. Either way it is a discouraging time for many young people, and children do not fare well in this chart. Let us not forget the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, and the fact that until their kidnappers are taken out of the picture, more children are at risk."

With this many planets in Leo, all of them squaring Saturn, the creates an energy that can often be considered 'me-first.' In the world this energy will be shown by governments, politicians and those who put themselves first and believe they are right. August will be a volatile month in the world and continued wars are probable in the hot spots around the globe, that could spread.

Other major transits in August include:

August 1, Venus squares Uranus. You could be looking for something different on this day, and Venus rules love and money. Some relationships will begin and others will end. Venus-Uranus transit are generally connected with sudden shifts in the financial markets. Venus also trines Saturn and this could be a day to get a business deal off the ground if there are not unexpected occurrences.

Mars squares Jupiter and this is a transit of things getting blown out of proportion. We will likely see news involving governments and military action.

August 2, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter which is generally pleasant, but things get blown out of proportion or over-estimated. Mercury squares Mars and this is an irritating transit indicative of arguments, accidents, issues with children, younger people and pets. The talking heads on the news will have a busy day, debating the facts.

August 7, Mars trines Neptune and this transit can make you intuitive or compassionate toward others. Dreams may be over the top both literally and figuratively. A good day to get a reading, or help someone less fortunate. Compassion and creativity are the key today.

August 8, the Sun conjuncts Mercury and this transit is indicative of communication, travel and willfulness. Mercury trines Uranus showing us new ideas, and Mercury squares Saturn a transit of serious thinking, tiredness and can lean toward negative thinking and communication.

August 9, the Sun squares Saturn. This is a basically negative transit, depending on what it is aspecting in your natal chart, and this day will be one of seriousness, responsibility and in some cases endings. Serious events will occur in the world on and around this day.

August 10, the full moon occurs at 18 degrees of Aquarius at 2:09 P.M., EST. This full moon squares Saturn giving it a tiring and negative quality. Looking at this chart, cast for Washington, DC, three planets in the ninth house show concern with issues abroad, children, laws, education, world issues. Transportation issues may arise and issues with children and young people.

This will be a time of serious issues in the world, and we may hear news of subversive groups. The President will be dealing with important matters abroad.

Aquarius is the natural ruler of the eleventh house concerning groups, special interests and Congress. Aquarius is one of the signs connected with wars, coups and unexpected changes. (Uranus)

August 12, Venus enters Leo until September 5. A boost for Leo and fire signs. Venus in this sign will be indicative of fun, singles, and romance-fun is key for many. It is summer for only so long!

August 15, Mercury enters Virgo and mental energy starts to shift once again. Virgo is the most critical of signs and you can experience critical thinking in a positive way, or critical-negative thinking and communication within yourself, and from others. Overall, look for some individuals to become more critical in a negative way, but it's all in the way you handle it.

August 18, Venus conjuncts Jupiter and this transit is positive, indicative of fun, romance and entertainment (and overindulgence). A great day to meet someone new BUT, Mercury opposes Neptune. This transit is indicative of confusion, lack of clarity, lies and deception, from someone else or ourselves. Keep your feet firmly on the ground. We may hear of adverse or unusual weather conditions and believe none of what you see or hear until you have proof positive personally or in the world.

August 21, Mercury trines Pluto, a good day for problem solving and getting to the bottom of any matter with more ease than normal.

August 23, the Sun enters Virgo at 12:46 A.M. EST, and the mutable part of summer begins. In some areas the weather will soon start to change. Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of work and service.

August 25, the New Moon occurs at 2 degrees of Virgo at 10:13 A.M., EST. This moon opposes Neptune showing us the chance of weather conditions that involve water and this is a confusing period where details may not be clear. Mars conjuncts Saturn showing the potential of hard work, frustration and anger. Virgo is the most critical of signs, and it important not to jump to conclusions or become overly critical of others as all the facts may not be known, especially in work, but all situations.

August 26, Venus squares Saturn and this is indicative of issues with love and money. Some relationships and situations may end or cool down, especially as this is on the heels of the New Moon, and love may seem cool today. Choose another day for important meetings.

August 27, Venus squares Mars. This transit is typically indicative of sex and jealousy. You may encounter problems with the opposite sex. Alternatively, depending on how your life is going it can sometimes indicate a new person entering your life, and the sparks can be physical.

August 29, the Sun conjuncts Neptune. Neptune is the planet of illusion, confusion and delusion, so check your facts. It can be a dreamy, or creative time, a time of dreaming-literally or figuratively, and a great day to help others or get a reading as Neptune represents psychics and the metaphysical.

Print this list off to keep a list of the months most important transits, if you wish.

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