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Friday, January 30, 2015

February 2015- Uranus square Pluto: play it again Sam

As we begin the second month of 2015,  Uranus and Pluto are within one degree of being exact which means the energy of the Uranus-Pluto square is powerful and by month's end (February 20) both planets will be at 14 degrees of Aires-Capricorn, and the orb between them less than 1 degree. This is strong, explosive energy and we will see the results of change play out in the world and our lives.

This energy will change the world just like it did in the 1930's and the 1960's. If you don't believe me, just turn on the news. This is volatile period I have written about it many times before, and is responsible for much if not all of the major turmoil in the Middle East, political upheaval, and many other situations in the world and our lives, including the rise of ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

If you have a personal planet at 12-15 degrees of a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra) this energy is shaking up your world on a personal level and you will experience many life altering changes depending on what else in your chart. By March this energy is exact at 15 degrees and this powerful square will be set off by Mars and Venus in Aries next month. March is going to be a volatile month.

Everywhere I look on the internet I see astrology articles proclaiming March will be the last time we experience the Uranus-Pluto square. This is incorrect information. March will be the last time this square is exact with both Uranus and Pluto at 15 degrees of Aries/Capricorn.

This cycle will not actually end until however until after January 2016, as at that time Uranus and Pluto are within a 1 degree orb of each other at 16-15 degrees. Major transits like this do not have to be exact to have an effect, and at this time (2016) they are nearly exact and this powerful square will be set off yet again by the Sun and Mercury. So, it ain't over until it's over! Sometimes the last swing of a powerful transit such as this is the most important.

In addition to the Uranus-Pluto square, the Saturn/Neptune square is within orb this month, and this energy will continue into 2016 as well. Any major square between outer planets will have an effect as long as it is within 1-3 degrees (at least). Saturn and Neptune are within a 2-3 degree orb throughout February.

This energy was set off by Mars the weekend of January 17, and will be  "set off " the weekend of January 31- February 1, as Venus squares Saturn and conjuncts Neptune and yet again February 23-26 as the Sun squares Saturn and conjuncts Neptune.

If the weekend of January 17, was significant these days may be significant as well.

As Neptune squares Saturn this energy will affect the world and our lives, especially if you have mutable planets between 3-7 degrees. The mutable planets are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Neptune dissolves things, situations and even people from your life in some cases. Saturn brings a dose of reality to the situation. Many things, people and situations will change or evolve in the world and this transit has the potential to create great changes. As this square progresses we will discover there are situations we have been incorrect about-or lied to about- (on the world stage) and you may discover this in your own life as well. In some cases we may discover that self-deception has been occurring.

I call this transit 'dissolving realities,' and  (if this aspects your chart) many things will change, before evolving into something else. This can include situations, jobs, even people you are used to. While Neptune clouds issues, Saturn brings the truth. The truth may not be what you want but it will always set you free, one way or another.

The first transit of this month  is Venus conjunct Neptune on February 1. Neptune rules dreams, illusion and confusion and love and social relationships can become confusing. On the other hand, this transit has the potential to soar and can represent dreams, creativity and the highest of spiritual love. This transit sets off the Saturn-Neptune square and if it aspects mutable planets in your chart at 3-6 degrees, major situations/events can occur, and some situations may be revealed for what they are at this time. If the weekend of January 17 was significant this period may be important.

February 2, the Sun sextiles Uranus and this is a great transit for new ideas and situations. It is positive in nature and a great transit to start the week on.

This month's full moon falls at 14 degrees of Leo on February 3. Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house of love, creativity, children and fun. Leo is about drama and show, and since it opposes Mercury conversations and situations can get blown out of proportion, and some will come across as arrogant. Much about this full moon (specifically your love life) will depend on how you experienced the past few days. My advice is to make the most of it and have some fun in a world filled with too many problems, when the full moon supports this.

February 5, Mercury sextiles Saturn This transit is for getting down to business, and taking care of what needs to be done. Basically, positive but not flamboyant.

February 6, the Sun opposes Jupiter This is the classic transit for things getting blown out of proportion. You could get sloppy or be overwhelmed. Moderation is the key in all things. This can be experienced as positive energy as long as things are kept in perspective. Question any major promises made on this day.


February 8, Venus sextiles Pluto and this transit often causes to look for deeper or greater meaning in things-typically relationships, but could affect other situations as well. For some, thoughts could become obsessive.


February 11, Mercury turns stationary direct.  Things may move forward now, but this is the period where things generally get wackier before they get better. Secrets can be revealed now, and things previously unknown can come out into the open now and over the next few days.


February 14, Happy Valentines day!


February 18, this month's New Moon occurs at 29 degrees of Aquarius, peaking at 6:47 P.M., EST, and this is a Supermoon. As Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (and Saturn) there may well be an unexpected element to this New Moon. As Aquarius rules the 11th house of the collective, we will hear many things that concern the world or the whole. New moons are typically about new beginnings. Expand your mind and ideas now.


February 18, the Sun enters Pisces, the mutable sign of the winter months at 6:50 P.M.


February 19, Mercury sextiles Saturn, a positive transit for business and critical thinking. Mars enters Aries, the sign of its rulership and it will be very powerful in this sign.


February 20, Venus enters Aries. Love energy becomes more ardent and less passive. Great for Aries and all Fire signs.


February 22, Venus conjuncts Mars. Many people will become interested in love and sex, but there could also be trouble between the sexes. If you meet someone on this day it will not be lukewarm. Jealousies can occur and now is the time to think before you act. Self centeredness could be a problem one way or another.


February 23, the Sun squares Saturn This is a negative, tiring and depressing planet and there will be bad news in the world. If you have a mutable planet at 3-4 degrees (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) significant events can occur depending on what else is in your chart. If the weekend of January 17 was significant, or January 28-31 was significant, this day may be significant also.


February 24, Venus trines Saturn This is a positive transit for business, money and friendships, especially old ones.


February 25, the Sun conjuncts Neptune. This can be a confusing and discouraging day. On the other hand, the potential exists for creativity, compassion and great creativity or spirituality. Mars conjuncted Neptune January 5, Venus conjuncted Neptune February 1, and if those days were significant this one may be as well. Expect water related weather conditions. Mars also trines Saturn and this is a steady flow of energy, great for work or physical activity.




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