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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hayat Boumeddiene: Girl turned terrorist

As I was thinking about the recent events in France and  Belgium, and the fanatical groups (ISIS and al-Qaeda)  recruitment of women, I began to wonder what kind of young woman would join such a group and be drawn to the horrific activities promoted by these killers and fanatics--monsters, actually. What exactly would be in a woman's chart that would cause her to turn in this direction? I decided to take a look at the chart of Hayat Boueddiene who was connected with the recent terrorist attacks in France.

Hayat Boumeddiene, born June 26, 1988 (no time) at Villiers-sur-Marne, France, and she is the lone female terrorist who escaped police after the slaughter at a French market connected with the Charlie Hebdo killings. According to news reports she was the accomplice of Amedy Coulibaly, who held hostage and murdered four Parisians at the kosher market after the attack on Charlie Hedbo and is believed to have escaped into Syria via Turkey.

Boumeddiene is a 4 degree Cancer Sun with Neptune opposing her Sun. These individuals often are born with a desire to do or be something special and out of the ordinary. Generally the early childhood is a source of trouble. The father may have been missing or distant,  or goals, boundaries and direction not clearly defined during the formative period.

According to Wikipedia, Boumeddiene was born into an Algerian family of seven children, in the eastern suburbs of Paris. Her (devout) mother died when she was 6, and subsequently she, and some of her siblings, were taken into foster care. Her father was an infrequent visitor, even more so after re-marrying. She moved often between foster homes because she proved troublesome and violent, according to reports. An investigative source said she altered her surname in her teenage years to "make it sound more French." (Wikipedia) So apparently, even in her early years, she was striving to be more glamorous and clearly felt that she did not fit into French society, nor did she have a stable home life.

She is alleged to have been married to Amedy Coulibaly, who was killed in the raid on the Kosher market in Paris after the attack at Charlie Hedbo magizine.  According to Wikipedia she met him in 2009 while working in Southern France as a cashier, and they married in a religious ceremony not recognized by France that year. She  began covering herself in a niqab, a piece of cloth that veils the wearer from head to toe, including a veil over the face. For refusing to appear at work in regular clothing she lost her job.

Typical of a person with this transit (Sun-Neptune) is a gravitation toward the wrong people in life, and in the case of a woman, she often gravitates toward the wrong men, impossible types, or those who lie and take advantage of her for their own ends.

They can be led astray easily as their values are not defined, and they can be attracted to Neptunian types of people and behaviors such as drugs, alcohol,  affairs, over the top religious or other influences,  liars and con-men, those with unrealizable dreams, or who are psychologically disturbed.  

Neptune rules religion and Neptune-Sun an attachment to something that promises recognition and a place of importance and this would drive Boumeddiene.  By playing a role (helping Coulibaly)  in the murder of Paris innocents in the name of religion would be a motivating factor to her and she would have conceived this as a way to become a person to be reckoned with and remembered.

In reality, these individuals can be quite sensitive and easily hurt and their early childhood experiences may contribute to this as well. Their egos are weak, often as a result of not feeling significant in the early life.

In certain cases these individuals are totally deluded, but otherwise they are driven to find a way to glamorize their role in the world, thus overcoming a weak ego and satisfying their greatest desire to become someone special the world will recognize. (Edward Snowden has a Sun opposing Neptune)

A report by a psychiatric expert prepared for a Parisian court found her partner, Amedy Coulibaly had an "immature and psychopathic personality" and "poor powers of introspection." (Wikipedia)

It is clear as a result of her change in appearance and dress that Coulibaly exerted a great influence over her after they met in 2009, and she became a convert to extremist religious viewpoints after their meeting.

Coulibaly met Chérif Kouachi ( a known terrorist) in prison, while serving his sentence for a 2005 armed robbery, and is believed to have converted to radical Islam at the same time as Chérif (Wikipedia).

Coulibaly was born in a notorious housing project Feb 27, 1982, the one boy among 9 sisters. He was an 8 degree Pisces with Pluto, Saturn and Mars in a stellium of Libra planets in his 8th house from 18-26 degrees opposing his Moon in Aries.

This transit could be characterized as a controlling, obsessive, explosive, depressive, insecure and determined personality, driven by emotions and compulsions. His relationships with women would be difficult, stormy, angry and controlling, and the problems would have begun with his early relationships with his primary caretakers at home.  These same traits would have carried over into his relationship with Hayat and it appears, even at the time of their unrecognized marriage, there were major difficulties between the two.

This stellium of planets would show many emotional problems and difficulties in life, a person easily angered with many upsets. As the eighth house rules death, Pluto, Mars and Saturn here is the classic transit that would show death in a gun battle. He died in a shootout with police January 9.

 By 1999 Coulibaly had done long spells of prison time, with six separate convictions for robbery, armed robbery and drug trafficking and another on terrorism-related charges.

Venus in his eleventh house  is square Pluto, Saturn and Mars and this would show insecurity, possessiveness, obsessiveness, and difficult romantic relationships with the opposite sex.

His Venus however, sextiled Hayat's Mars showing an attraction between the two. Her Moon is Scorpio was conjunct his Jupiter and trine his Sun showing a degree of compatibility and an emotional connection. Her Venus and Mercury at 15-18 degrees of Gemini would sextile his Moon, and trine his Libra stellium also showing compatibility.  None of this however, would overcome his personality disorders, possessiveness and violent tendencies.  Based on published information about his life, he was forever moving toward the destiny his 8th house held-a violent death in a hail of gunfire and Hayat would be at his side.

 Going back Boumeddiene's chart,  Saturn is conjunct Uranus in her sixth house of work and service from her Sun. Saturn/Uranus shows a rebellious personality who finds it hard to accept any authority except their own, and there is a constant battle going on within an individual with this transit, between the world - all of its laws and limitations, and what it would ideally be for them.  

Coulibaly also had a Sun square Uranus making him a rebel and giving him a dislike of authority figures that drew them together. This is a person that might consider himself, or herself an agent of change.

Hayat's Jupiter falls at 25.04 degrees of Taurus placing it in an almost exact conjunction with the fixed star Algoal.  Algoal is associated with the figure Medusa. "It causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is the most evil star in the heavens." (Robson)

Astrologer Marina Macario wrote, "Algol rules heads of states and beheading, it rules treason and replacing one idealogy with another. The head contains the brain so it’s about wisdom and of course snakes in the hair represent higher knowledge, even antennae also. Even the product of Medusa, Pegasus signifies far out ideas way ahead of their time. I think Algol is also about information that blows your mind. This is where Algol becomes horrific, when our intelligence evolves quicker than our consciousness." Algoal conjunct Jupiter has been associated with  the ability to find spiritual meaning in  hardships and tragedies, thus giving these natives a measure of satisfaction.  

Hayat's Moon falls in Scorpio in the 5th house of children and love affairs and is conjunct Pluto at 9 degrees Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that is not afraid to wade into deep and turbulent waters. As it is conjunct Pluto this gives her an intense, jealous and obsessive quality. Pluto in Scorpio lies in her 5th house of children, yet Scorpio Pluto deals with the 8th house of death and transformation. She is a driven individual who would not give up, and this is the sign and Planet (Pluto-Scorpio) associated with revenge.

Her Venus and Mercury are conjunct at 15-18 degrees of Gemini giving her intelligence, wit and the ability to speak well.

Hayat has a powerful T-square in her chart that involves Mars (20 degrees Pisces) square Saturn and Uranus on one end, and Venus and Mercury on the other.

A T-square is formed when there are two planets in opposition and one planet is square to (or in the middle of) the opposition. The planet at the apex, which squares both ends of the opposition, functions as the catalyst, mediating between the planets in opposition. This is an open, unstable, stressful aspect pattern but, can be extremely effective and dynamic.

In her case the apex, or the catalyst is Mars, the planet of action, aggression and war. Individuals with a t-square in their charts experience great struggles, but they never give up.

Mutable T-squares can produce restlessness, whims, and frequent changes of mind, but can be very adept at adapting to circumstances.

Venus and Mercury produce a quick mind, pleasant personality and ability to communicate well, but are at war with Saturn/Uranus, producing upheaval, changeability,  a desire to overthrow conditions, instability and insecurity.

Mars is at war with Mercury-Venus producing a passionate nature and much personal anger that can be expressed as verbal abuse and an often irritated mind.

On the on other end Mars squares Saturn-Uranus giving dissatisfaction, a temper, revolutionary tendencies, but discipline.(Saturn)

If she remains free she will probably 'marry' or connect with another male before early summer. I do not see any grief at all in this chart for her deceased partner Amedy Coulibaly.

While I am at a disadvantage without her time of birth which could show something different, her greatest period of peril will come early 2016, then again late again the same year. It is possible she will 'marry' another jihadist who could also be killed in 2016.


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