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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Love Illusions or is it real?

Venus entered Pisces January 27, in the sign that rules water and the sea, dreams, spirituality, compassion, and creativity, as well as the imagination and sensitive feelings.

Venus in this sign is considered exalted as love energy is romantic, tender and sensitive.

But, Venus squares Saturn in the early morning hours of January 30, and this energy will be felt a day or two before. Venus square Saturn is not a good placement for love, and in many cases we may feel tired, agitated and this is not a good time for love, social events and in some cases money. Venus-Saturn transits make us feel reserved, shy at times, cold and some love relationships will come to an end.

This will definitely be a few days of looking at love with "realistic eyes," which is not all bad.

By February 1, Venus conjuncts Neptune and this is another tiring and confusing transit. Communication could go awry, or be misunderstood, discouragement and confusion can occur, and situations can be revealed for what they really are over the next few days. Take nothing for granted and if you start something new you must let it withstand the test of time or risk being disillusioned.  Everything is probably not exactly as it appears.

On the other hand at its highest, this can be a transit of compassion, and the highest form of spiritual love, dreams, creativity and a connection with the higher power.

These transits come on the heels of a full moon in Leo on February 3. This moon falls at 6:09 P.M., EST  at 14 degrees of Leo in the sign that rules the fifth house of love and creativity, children, fun and social affairs.

This moon points to love and social affairs being prominent over the next few days. How well the full moon works for you will depend on the events of the past few days. Either way, love will likely take prominence in your thoughts.

If these Venus transits aspect your personal chart and mutable planets at 3-6 degrees (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) the transits over these few days will set off the Saturn-Neptune square and events may be large in your life at this time. If the weekend of January 17, was significant, this weekend will likely be significant as well.

I refer to the Saturn-Neptune square as "dissolving realities.' Some things will dissolve from your life and be replaced by other things and that can include people. Relationships, situations and people may leave your life to make room for the new, if this transit aspects your chart. If it aspects your Sun, Moon or Venus, in particular love relationships may be affected.

This aspect will also play out in the world, setting off the Saturn-Neptune square. We could hear news of water related weather conditions, women in particular, scandals, religion and terrorism, as the Saturn-Neptune square appears to related to 'religiously  inspired' extremism.


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