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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Can you say stubborn?

April 22, Mercury conjuncts Mars at 7 :04 P.M. This is a day to be careful while traveling or driving, watch your pets, and watch the way you communicate with others.

Typically Mars-Mercury transits can produce a lot of communication, but they can also produce a great deal of tension, irritation and worry. Stubbornness, agitation and arguments can be expected, especially if this transit aspects your chart. This may not be the day to force issues, confront others, or anything of this sort. If you do, then you take your chances, and decisions made here can have long lasting effects, as can arguments.

There is a great deal of verbal and mental energy at your disposal today. My advice is to direct it in a positive direction. Some possibilities for this type of transit are writing, communicating, sales, meetings or anything concerning communication, but cooperation is called for.

As Venus sextiles Jupiter the possibility is there for success if you don't get agitated.

This energy will be in affect a few days before and after April 22.

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