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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dreams, drugs, diets and delusions

This month's full moon occurs at 3 degrees of Virgo February 22, at 1:20PM, EST. The effects of a full moon can begin as much as a week before or occur up to two weeks after the fact. This full moon will be the companion to the New Moon solar eclipse on March 8 in Pisces. The full moon and eclipse fall on the 6th/12th house axis of health, work, service to others and the 12th house of things secret and hidden, seclusion and large institutions. Over the next month we will be dealing with situations and issues related to these (houses and) situations in our own lives.

Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of health and healing, work and service and it is here many of us will be focused at this time.

As Virgo is considered the sign of the perfectionist we could see some ugly behavior from others (or ourselves) if our less than perfect lives, relationships and personal situations come into critical focus. The upside of Virgo is discernment and the ability to analyze, the downside is a quest for perfection and criticism if perfection does not occur. What is perfect in this life?

This moon opposes Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. This opposition may create confusion, lack of clarity and uncertainty in personal relationships or other situations.

Ceres is conjunct Neptune and shows us where and how we feel nurtured. As this (recently considered) dwarf planet is conjunct Neptune we may find nurturing through creativity, spiritual pursuits and service to others, and this would be the highest use of this energy, along with work. A few days after this moon could be a good time to start a diet.

But, as the moon is in an opposition (Neptune) there may be confusion, and lack of clarity, and feelings even of abandonment and loneliness. What appears real may not be, or what appears negative may not be as bad as you think. Full moons are always volatile. There can be a tendency to bestow affection on the wrong people, or become involved with those who are inappropriate or unworthy of our affections. Relationships can be confusing or even delusional (worst case) and it is important to keep your feet on the ground. If it looks, sounds and acts like it's too good to be true..well, it probably is.

On another level Neptune has to do with addictions of all types. Those with tendencies in this direction may lose self control and indulge in whatever their drug of choice is, whether its alcohol, substances, or even being in love with love. Nothing is wrong with love, but discernment is called for at this time. Sometimes Neptune transits have a tendency to reveal things. If this is the case, don't sweep it under the rug, but go on facts, and at the same time make sure your facts are correct and don't jump to conclusions.

Typically when we have a strong Neptune transit, many people report vivid dreams. Don't be surprised if during the days around the full moon this doesn't happen to you. Psychic abilities and creativity will be enhanced.

There is a theme concerning healing, broken hearts, or other situations that have brought unhappiness into your life over the past several years as a result of the Uranus-Pluto square. This is the last full moon that will occur as these powerful planets are within a 1 degree orb. Now can be the time to release negativity, long lost dreams and those things and people that are not in our best interest.

In the words of the immortal Casey Kasem, "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars."


  1. Excellent article Leslie! Remember your advice about Mars this week? An entire section roof flew off the house in an incredible pile with our gale force winds! A good thing I did not negotiate a house deal now yet!