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Saturday, May 28, 2016

June 2016: The t-square of summer, change in the world and you!

June will be an interesting month, as the t-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune becomes exact, and the action will start immediately. The two most important periods will be the first week of June, and the week of June 19, as the t-square will form a grand cross with other planets, setting it off.

This is a convoluted and somewhat confusing transit that will dominate the skies and in many respects it may be hard to know the outcome of certain situations in the world and in our lives, until this transit moves on.

Our present realities are dissolving both on a collective level and in our personal lives. As our realities-or that which we know to be true- dissolve and fade away, there is a period where we touch the abyss of the great unknown before moving on into the light of what will be our next reality.

As the Uranus/ Pluto Square (2010-early 2016) that we have dealt with for years moves out of orb now, we can now see clearly the results of the change it has brought and the havoc it has has created in the world bringing total and irrevocable change just like the mid-1960's and the 1930's. Yet, in the end some is much needed change in the world. 
Only history of course, will show us the results in totality. But, we have been, and are living history at this very moment. If you don't understand this, you will in future times.
Governments have been decimated, laws, rules and social mores have changed, fortunes have been lost, and it's not going back to the way it was. None of us can live in the past and our success can only come from living the moment, and planning our future lives.
It does not matter what your political thoughts are or how you feel about transgender bathrooms, the Presidential election or anything else.  We have changed as a collective more than it may appear, and to go backwards is a waste of time, and is not going to happen. This is the one thing you can depend on now.

This does not mean the world will be a bad place, just different. The world can be a beautiful place, and it's up to us to make the most of our lives and our own corner of the world. This is no different than the way the 1930's and then the mid-1960's evolved into new worlds and times. Those times are gone forever, along with the way of life people experienced then, and now once again we are in uncharted territory, just as we were in 1965, and 1935.
I took a walk through this beautiful world
Felt the cool rain on my shoulders
I took a walk through this beautiful world
I felt the rain getting colder
by Queens of the Stone Age for Anthony Bourdain

Many people can't see the forest for the trees and this will be a problem that we will have to deal with collectively and individually as the t-square plays out this year.

Neptune clouds our mind and our judgment, Saturn teaches through harsh lessons, and Jupiter expands for the good or bad. The combination of these two planets often end up in confusion, bitterness and lack of clarity. It is indicative of the fading away of an old era we thought we knew or had conquered, and we will now have to make room and find the new.

The new will take some time to completely manifest and herein lies the problem.

What is real and what is not real is the question we will have to grasp during this time.

What appears to be real may not be, and what appears to be unreal may in fact be reality, and the key is to not act out of desperation or under the Neptunian influence of misguided decisions and half baked ideas or unknown facts.

This is in fact, the time to be level-headed, grounded and to find your strengths on both an inner and outer level. Those who have the structures to withstand the confusion, chaos, and Insanity of the time will obviously fare far better. If you have mutable planets in your personal chart (Gemini Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces) at 15 - 10 degrees, your personal chart will be affected by this powerful t-square and your life will be changed in some way.

On another level we will all change again collectively as this major transit plays out in the world altering both our inner and outer realities. These convoluted and confusing energies will continue throughout this summer and into the fall of 2016 it is only after this time has passed we will be able to see the results in totality. As a collective we may look back with regret on some of the decisions that have been made during this time, by the time we reach November.

What can we expect in the world? Major problems concerning the exodus of Syrians and others from the Middle East and not enough humanitarian aid to support them. Fear among populations and anger toward the refugees, along with lack of support. The US Presidential race has never been more distorted, and this will not change. In the end,  both parties may regret the candidates they are about to nominate, if the presumptive nominees in fact both get the nomination. They may, but anything is possible during this time as the t-square is changeable. Expect issues and problems over religion, (or that which cloaks itself in the religious disguise) that may well include terrorist attacks. Scandals, water problems, bigotry, disease, lies and deception are to be expected. Issues will come up that should have been resolved long ago. As Saturn is in Jupiter's sign, this transit does not bode well for financial markets and prices may seem inflated and false.  When I say we are in crazy times, I do mean it. But, that said, the world will go on as it always has, and it is up to us to find peace and good among the chaos.

These times will not last forever and in the end many of us will find that we have risen above our limitations to find a new path. We are in  a time when it is possible (with forethought and solid thinking) to turn our old dreams into a new reality. Think positive!
                                      Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
                              and remember what peace there may be in silence.
                                        As far as possible without surrender
                                          be on good terms with all persons.
                                         Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
                                                      and listen to others,
                                             even the dull and the ignorant;
                                                they too have their story.
from desiderata - max ehrmann - 1927
Mars remains retrograde this month, having moved back into the sign Scorpio. Mars will remain in this sign until August 2, when it moves back into Sagittarius. Mars will turn direct at 23 degrees of Scorpio June 29. Thus, the first 9 months of the year, Mars remains in two signs: Scorpio and Sagittarius.

As Mars retrogrades back through Scorpio you have revisit situations that occurred earlier this year, especially the second half of February into early March. As Retrograde Mars slows things down, tends to make people tired and angry, and more accident prone, and prone to minor illnesses. As with all retrograde planets, this is a karmic cycle, and many important situations in your life may occur now. Mars rules, men, sex, our actions (which may be convoluted or indirect), guns, war and aggression.

In Scorpio, Mars is in the most intense of signs and the natural ruler of the eighth house of death, taxes, other people's money, debt and change and transformation, and it is these issues we will be dealing with.

June 5-19,  Saturn enters into a square with Neptune at 13 degrees. (Jupiter makes it a t-square-3 planets) Saturn and Neptune don't mix well. Things can be revealed at this time, and reality can strike home, whatever your personal reality is. This aspect is the type of transit that makes you wonder why you didn't see the issue all along. Saturn shows us reality, and reality is better than living under an illusion. Some things may end at this time, depending on where this aspects your personal chart. This square is exact, June 17, which means it is at its peak. Saturn will square Neptune again August 30-September 22.

June 1, the Sun squares Neptune, and this 'sets off' the mutable t-square that will last for the next week bringing change with it. June 2/3, the Sun opposes Saturn, as Venus squares Neptune and opposes Saturn, and June 4, the Sun and Venus square Jupiter.
This creates a grand cross, which is a planetary aspect that involves 4 planets and looks like an X. The Sun and Venus oppose square Neptune then oppose Saturn, and Jupiter opposes Neptune, and Saturn squares Neptune. A total of 4 (90 degree angle) squares occur along with 2 oppositions (180 degrees). A grand cross is an unusual transit indicative of a great deal of tension and can indicate anxiety and people may be pulled in many different directions. As this is a mutable grand cross change can occur in many different areas. This is a week to be aware of, and issues can involve ideas, love, money, communication and as Saturn is involve some endings may occur for some people.

Sun-Neptune transits are indicative of insecurity, lies, in many cases lack of clarity.  

Sun-Saturn transits are negative, tiring and indicative of responsibilities and obligations, negativity and in some cases endings.

Venus-Saturn transits indicate depression and feeling unloved, or it can reveal issues. It can also indicate issues with money. Venus-Neptune transits are misleading and watch your money with this as it can indicate internet theft and thievery of various types as well as personal delusions and lies. Sun or Venus/Jupiter transits tend to overdo and blow things out of proportion.

This is a convoluted and confusing period where we may be seeking clarity that is not there. Nor can I say all things are guaranteed to end well, but I hope they do.

In the world, this looks like a clash of ideas which brings us to politics and the Presidential election, and this will play a part in this transit.  But, this transit is not limited to the Presidential race, it is bigger than that.

Many events will occur over this week, that can also involve young people, women or women's issues, money, religion, or pseudo-religious ideas, and let's not forget the terrorist groups who operate under the guise of religion, laws and proposed laws. Nothing will be crystal clear, and in some cases we may be deliberately mislead. Cool heads are called for.

June 4, a new moon occurs at 15 degrees of Gemini, and this sets off the t-square and forms another grand cross. This moon conjuncts Venus and opposes Saturn, squares Jupiter and Neptune. Additionally, the other above mentioned transits are still in orb. Moon-Saturn transits are about responsibility and obligations, tiring, and can often be perceived as negative. Moon square Jupiter can blow things out of proportion, and Moon-Neptune transits can seem melancholy or confuse thinking and issues. We may be at odds with different areas of our lives and pulled in more than one direction. We do have a grand trine in Earth signs that involves Jupiter (expansion), Pluto, and Mercury (thinking and communication). Try and tap into the positive grand trine energy.

Compassion, patience and not jumping to any conclusions will be the key.

June 6, The Sun conjuncts Venus and we may finally get some relief as this is a positive transit indicative or greater harmony.

June 9, Mercury opposes Mars, and this in indicative of arguments or accidents and it can become explosive. Use caution.

June 12, Mercury enters Gemini and Mercurial energies will become much faster. Also Venus sextiles Uranus and this is positive for money, social relationships and love, especially new relationships.

June 13, Neptune turns stationary retrograde, as it does every year. We could become more focused on what is inside as opposed to the outside world. It is important during this time to see things as they are as opposed to living a personal illusion or delusion. Clarity of thought is key.

June 14, the Sun sextiles Uranus. There could be an excitement in the air, and new ideas may come to the fore.

June 17, Venus enters Cancer. Focus is on home and family and you may socialize more at home. Great for water signs, especially Cancer.

June 20, a full Moon occurs at 29.33 degrees of Sagittarius, and the lunar peak is at 7:02 AM, EST. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion and all things foreign.

Mercury opposes Saturn, and squares Neptune, setting off the mutable t-square in the sky again, forming another grand cross for the next week

Mercury opposing Saturn in Gemini-Sagittarius is not light hearted and can be negative for communication, and the square to Neptune is convoluted and confusing. Things and situations may be revealed, but don't jump to conclusions as Neptune can be deceptive and confusion. Harsh communication can occur and facts can be revealed.
 This transit will play out in the world and can involve foreign situations, governments, travel and transport, a clash of ideas, young people, laws and harsh language.
Also on this day, the Sun enters Cancer.

June 22, Mercury squares Jupiter. This is generally positive but situations can get blown out of proportion.

June 26, Jupiter trines Pluto and this energy goes several weeks before and after. This is a positive transit for growth and accomplishment, especially if you have Earth or Water sign planets this aspects. Never underestimate the positive and expansive energies of these two planets.
Also, Mercury sextiles Uranus and this is upbeat, exciting and great for new ideas.

June 27, Venus trines Neptune and this is positive, creative and possibly romantic.

June 29, Mercury enters Cancer, changing Mercurial energies again, and many will be focused on home and the upcoming 4th of July holiday. Mars turns stationary direct on this day.

June 30, Venus opposes Pluto. This is an obsessive transit indicative of intense feelings. It is indicative of domestic disharmony, jealousy and arguments. Caution here is advised.

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