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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Jupiter squares Neptune: Magic or mayhem?

Jupiter is currently locked in a square with Neptune at 14 degrees of Sagittarius/Pisces and it is exact through January 16. (squares are difficult angles) Jupiter in Sagittarius is in the sign it rules, as is Neptune in Pisces making both planets in their respective signs very powerful together.

Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, as well as creativity, psychic abilities, drugs and alcohol to name just a few. The symbol representing Neptune is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Neptune is frequently associated with lies, deception, unclarity and self deception. That said it rules the artistic world, psychics, religion and spirituality, compassion and sacrifice.

Jupiter in Sagittarius rules the 9th house of world view, travel, education and politics and many may do well in these areas this year. The 9th house/Sagittarius is also associated with politics hence all the recent news.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and gain and wherever it falls in our charts gain can be expected. Sagittarius is an optimistic and expansive sign.

But, as Jupiter clashes with Neptune issues and situations can become muddled. Things may not be what they appear and we can be deceived into believing things are one way when in fact they are another. As Jupiter expands whatever it touches deceptions can get larger along with self deception.

Gaslighting, smoke and mirrors, unclear scenarios and self delusion will be common during this transit. Confusion and lack of clarity or being mislead in terms of the facts will be the hallmark of this time.

On the other hand, this can be beautiful, spiritual and creative energy. Compassion can be given or received, creativity may be at a high, as can psychic abilities, and dreams can be vivid. Dreams may increase and be vivid. Love can seem ideal at this time. A relationship that seems this way should be given the test of time because only when these planets move apart or separate and we are no longer under the 'Neptunian spell,' can we gauge accurately whether or not we feel the same way as we do under this transit. As the two planets separate things and situations can be revealed to be different from what we may have thought.

This is the first of several times these planets will clash this year. In reality this transit remains in the sky through November, but will be much more powerful when it is 'exact,' or close to being at the exact degree.

In the world we have seen several major events that stand out. Jupiter rules the Republican party. As this transit became exact it was revealed the FBI is or has investigated US President Donald Trump under suspicion he is an agent of Russia, wittingly or unwittingly. No information has been published regarding an outcome of the investigation.

Also, in the UK Brexit has been voted down and Theresa May's government has received a vote of no confidence, making the UK's economic future very unclear.

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