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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Mercury squares Uranus: Unexpected issues and breaking free

Mercury squares Uranus today at 28 degrees of Capricorn/Aries. This will be much like the Sun square Uranus Friday, January 18th. If this transit affected you, Mercury-Uranus will as well.

Mercury-Uranus transits can manifest as some type of mental breakthrough, or breaking free from some kind of mental block. If so it would happen suddenly and without warning and can leave as quickly as it came.

This can also take the form of unexpected news. It could involve relatives, children, co-workers or young people.

Mercury rules the written word, the mind, travel and young people. This is a day to use caution if you are driving. Your mind may be on the road, but everyone else's won't necessarily be in the same place.

You could feel restless and find it hard to concentrate.

Watch your communication, as things can break down or you could have computer or phone glitches. Sudden changes in thinking could occur as well.

On the world stage Uranus rules weather changes, aircraft, coups, communication and the written word. On January 18, there were many unexpected news stories.

January 24, Mercury enters Aquarius just after midnight, EST. Communication and thinking will become much more expansive. If you are puzzling over a solution to a problem look for your mind to break free and explore new ideas. Mercury will join the Sun, already in Aquarius as we leave the Capricorn season behind.

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