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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mercury conjucnts Neptune:The mental kaleidoscope

As we near the end of the Pisces season, we are going to experience a big dose of Neptunian energy as retrograde Mercury (which rules our thinking) meets up with Neptune, the planet of illusion, confusion and delusion.

Mercury (retrograde) is conjunct Neptune and this transit is exact March 24, but the energy will remain with us through April 4.

Mercury is considered at its detriment in Pisces which means it is weak, but even more active during its retrograde.
This transit will be very powerful, especially during the retrograde period. Mercury will turn direct March 28 at 9:59 AM, EST. This will affect those with mutable planets (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) at 15-17 degrees to a greater degree.

With this energy we can expect confusion, lack of clarity, mental fogginess, mis-information or lies, and it will be difficult to get to the truth. It is important not to act on important situations, make important decisions, or even act on information you may receive as it may not be correct. Clarity will be a much needed quality. You could feel tired, drained and dreams may be vivid during this time. This can create or cause paranoia and fear that may or may not be based on reality.

Many things may be revealed on this transit, and they may or may not be true. It is important to use caution while driving as Mercury rules travel and young people, and it would be easy for a driver to drift off and not pay attention. Drugs and alcohol could be a problem to those who have tendencies in this direction.

Intuitive abilities, creativity and compassion for others may be high at this time. This could be a time for spiritual meditation and reflection. There could be an interest in metaphysical studies, the occult and mystical topics.

Expect to see this play out in the world in terms of water related weather conditions or gas fires/explosions, confusion, stories involving scandals, lies and propaganda, and Mercury-Neptune rules pictures and video,  intrigues and secret affairs. We could hear news of religious organizations and children. This transit also rules poisons and all manner of underhanded techniques. We could hear of mysterious or drug related deaths or other situations involving drugs.

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