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Monday, March 4, 2019

New Moon in Pisces-Ball of confusion

The new moon falls on March 6, at 16 degrees of Pisces. It is conjunct Neptune and the Sun. It may feel more like a full moon, and with the Neptune influence, and I am calling this moon The Ball of Confusion.

The Sun, Moon, Neptune conjunction will represent confusing circumstances at best. Add to this Uranus's transit into Taurus on the same day, and Mercury's retrograde in Pisces, and many thing will become unclear and/or difficult to comprehend. People may mis-speak, offer confusing information or lie at worst. For some it may be hard to think clearly and this energy may seem depressing or hard to handle.

Neptune or Pisces transits can be difficult as its hard to understand clearly what is going on. Neptune is associated with delusion, and that includes self-delusion. Things may be revealed at this time, and it is worth noting, Neptune transits often involve sacrifice of some kind.

As Uranus enters Taurus change will occur swiftly in our lives and the collective, and those with fixed planets in their charts from 0-1 degree (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) change will occur immediately, if not already. We will see big changes and turmoil in the world with this transit.

Mercury turns retrograde March 5, confusing things even further, and this alone will complicate things even further. As Pisces is ruled by Neptune, expect confusion over the next 3 weeks with this retrograde, the first of the year. When a retrograde occurs around a new or full moon delays can occur and the events of the New Moon may take longer to play out.

My advice is to take nothing at face value, check your facts, and don't act on important situations until this energy passes, unless you know for certain what you are doing.

Neptune transits frequently involve drugs and alcohol, but if there is no issue here this moon alone will not be powerful enough to create one.

The higher side of this energy is compassion, spiritual pursuits and creativity, and these qualities will be seen during this moon as well.
Don't be surprised if dreams do not become vivid and personal intuition can be enhanced.

The affects of this moon, and retrograde Mercury have already started. This energy will be with us until at least a week after the New moon and Mercury remains retrograde until March 28.

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