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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mercury turns direct but things get worse before better

All of the planets were direct throughout February and this changed with Mercury's retrograde on March 5.

When Mercury turns direct Thursday, (9:59AM, EST) all the planets will once again be direct for the next 12 days until Jupiter turns retrograde on April 10. This will be one last period to move forward and get things done without so many blocks just before the yearly outer planet retrogrades begin. There will not be another time in 2019 when all of the planets are direct.

When Mercury reverses course expect it to be an especially confusing if not maddening day. This is typical when Mercury turns stationary direct, as the energies change and projects and plans may reverse course again one way or another. There are more glitches during the period Mercury turns retrograde, known as the stationary retrograde period, and the Mercury direct period called, the Mercury direct station which will last until April 3.

There are further complications because Mercury is conjunct Neptune. This creates confusion, lack of clarity, tirdness, anxiety and depression in some cases, illusion, deception and outright lies and this energy that all started last week.

It can be hard to see the forest for the trees, you can feel confused or misunderstand information (or not). This is tricky and deceptive energy and it will be with us through at least April 4, and it will take a few days after this for the planets to separate and then we may have some light shed on many different situations.

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