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Monday, June 3, 2019

June's stressful cardinal opposition

A cardinal opposition is forming in the sky that will involve Saturn, Pluto, Mars and Mercury. This will play out over a number of days as the energy builds, and it will be volatile. For most, the theme of this opposition will be security, safety, work and home. It will aspect the charts of those with cardinal planets (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) at 16-23 degrees. If you do not have cardinal planets in your personal chart at these degrees you will still be under this influence of this transit but it will not be as heavy or powerful.

The peak date of this powerful mix is June 10-24. Mars/Mercury will oppose Saturn and it is exact May 14. Mars/Mercury will oppose Pluto and the date it is exact is June 19. The energy however will be with us before and after these dates.

Oppositions create tension and the tension often seems to come from someone or something else.

As the opposition falls in Cancer-Capricorn, it relates the 4th and the 10th houses. Some may feel their business is threatened in some way and others may be fighting to keep a family or emotional situation together. Mars rules steel and knives so it is important to be careful not to have an accident. Mercury rules cars and travel so it is a good idea to be careful driving and keep your eye on the road. Believe me, there will be a great deal of road rage around this time.

If you can get through these days and take care of your day to day concerns with no significant troubles consider yourself very lucky but remember there may be others around you who feel like their lives are sinking, and many things and situations will end. For others situations and projects could come together at this time with a lot of hard work. My advice is to focus on work and everyday activities with a cool head and be aware of people, surroundings and what you are doing. It is important that we get through these days being kind to others as you do not know what may be falling apart for them.

In the world and our lives this transit sets off the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that will reach a peak until January 2020.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is harsh and deals with restrictions, restrictiveness, and Pluto represents the bullies of the world. Saturn also rules karma and for some this is a time of events playing out that can be very painful.

These planets are working to transform something through this opposition (which is difficult) that involves Mars (actions) and Mercury (communications).

This will play out in the world and we will see significant events that involve politics, the media, communication, security, finances, repression of others, threats and in all likelihood violence.

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