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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

August 2019: 2 stelliums and Jupiter turns direct!

In August we will have a 2 stelliums (3 or more) of planets in Leo, then Virgo. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all be in Leo the earlier part of the month. Leo rules the 5th house of love, children, friends and entertainment and we can look for things to become overall lighter. Its time for some summer fun! 

As the fast moving planets move into Virgo later in the month, life takes on a different tone and we will be focused more on work, fitness and diet. Virgo is much more detail oriented and can be considered pickier or more critical. School starts and its back to the salt mines, as they say.

Jupiter is the planet of money, expansion and gain and it turns direct on August 11, after a 4 month retrograde. Wherever Jupiter is in your personal chart is where your luck and gain will fall throughout the year. Jupiter is in Sagittarius until December, where it is at home and quite powerful. When it turns direct we can expect increased optimism, luck and in some cases money increases. It turns direct at 14 degrees of Sagittarius and those benefiting the most are of course, Sagittarius, Aries and Leo or those with planets in these signs. The Air signs can benefit as well:  Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. If Jupiter turns direct on a planet in your personal chart, you can usually expect positive results, but of course it dependson what it is aspecting as Jupiter expands whatever it touches.

Mercury turns direct July 31, at 23 degrees of Cancer after three weeks of retrograding through both Leo and Cancer. It will not begin to move forward until August 3rd. This is called the stationary direct period and during these few days we can experience more glitches, breakdowns, delays and action and projects we are working on can change once again. It will remain in Cancer through the 11th and then enters Leo for the second time. Mercury has a shadow period where things are still straightening out and not quite normal and this will end August 15. After this, its full steam ahead!

Uranus turns retrograde August 11, at 6 degrees of Taurus.
Sudden change can occur at this time, especially if this is aspecting your personal chart. There could be breakups, endings of all sorts, and surprise types of change. Uranus is the planet associated with freedom and the next week or so will be critical. As Uranus turns retrograde we typically see changes play out on the world stage, and they can be dramatic.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and is considered the planet of revolution, technology  and revolts as well as new ideas and innovations. Uranus also rules earthquakes, weather, aircraft change and unexpected or explosive events.

Love forecast for August
As we begin the month, the Sun, Venus and Mars are all in Leo and will soon be joined by Mercury. Venus and Mars are the day to day significators of our love life and when they are in the same sign together, this becomes a significant time and your chances can increase for meeting new people. This month, both planets will be in Leo through August 16. This will work well for Leo, who should feel extra dazzling as well as Aries, who will have Mars and Venus moving through their 5th house of love. As this is a prime opportunity make the most of it. Sagittarius can also benefit as well as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius or those with planets in these signs.

August 21, both Mars and Venus enter Virgo for the rest of the month. This works well for Virgo, who should feel extra special as well as Capricorn and especially Taurus. Others who can benefit in the love department include Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  It's not every day Venus and Mars transit through the same sign and these two will be in Virgo through September 13.
Full Moon in Aquarius
This month's full moon falls at 22 degrees of Aquarius August 15, and the lunar peak is at 8: 29 AM. Aquarius rules the 11th house of the collective, friends, groups and hopes and wishes. Aquarius  is rules by Uranus and Saturn so we may see some unexpected events.
This Moon opposes the Sun, Venus and Mars. Moon-Venus is typically lighthearted but as it also opposes Mars emotions can escalate and tempers can flare. The Sun conjunct Venus however, is indicative of love, romance and good times and we will feel a desire to be with others.

The Moon in Aquarius has a strong desire for freedom and does not like to be smothered. Being in groups of people as opposed to one on one, may serve a positive purpose at this time and could work well.
Other transits of importance in August:
August 2, Venus squares Uranus-Change can occur in love and money. You could feel compelled to try something different today and unexpected events can occur. Freedom can be a theme.

August 6, the Sun trines Jupiter-This is a basically positive and outgoing transit positive for anything involving money, groups, meetings or social affairs.

August 8, Venus trines Jupiter-Positive for love, money, getting together with friends or anything of the sort. Don't overdo things.

August 11, Mercury enters Leo-Communication changes once again. This is Mercury's second pass through Leo since the retrograde. Communication becomes bolder and more direct as opposed to emotional as it was in Cancer.

August 13, The Sun conjuncts Venus. This happens once a year and is positive for love, social activity and finance.

August 16, Mercury squares Uranus. This is prone to changeability and sudden and unexpected news and events. Use caution while driving.

August 18, Mars enters Virgo. Mars in this sign is very detail oriented and we can expect action to change, People will be more focused on work and health, and can come across as being critical or picky.

August 21, Venus enters Virgo. Love energy changes, benefiting Earth signs and some will become pickier in love and romance. Mercury trines Jupiter and this is optimistic and positive.

August 23, the Sun enters Virgo and we are now in the Virgo season.

August 24, Venus conjuncts Mars and sparks can fly between the sexes one way or another. This can indicate an attraction but let time determine if it is based on more than sexual attraction.

August 26, Venus trines Uranus. Look for the unexpected today in love and money. This can be a positive but changeable day.

August 28, Mars trines Uranus. Action can take unexpected turns in a positive way. You may try something different.

August 29, Mercury enters Virgo. Communication changes and becomes more detail oriented if not grounded. Some may seem overly critical.

The Sun trines Uranus, and this can bring about sudden change changes, or unexpected events typically of a positive nature.


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