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Friday, July 12, 2019

Powerful lunar eclipse in Capricorn: Change comes, ready or not!

The second eclipse of the season falls at 24 degrees of Capricorn, July 16. This is a partial lunar eclipse and the lunar peak occurs at 5:38 PM, CST. This eclipse cannot be seen in the US, but it is visible in Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe, and Asia.

The planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn known as the task master and Saturn rules our structures, discipline and time. Saturn can relate to great wealth or great privation.

Capricorn is a disciplined and focused sign and rules buildings, building things, the earth, carpenters, banking, big business, cemetery workers, chiropractors, civil engineers, contractors, government officials or service, employers, masonry, time keepers, osteopaths, orthopedists, politicians, sculptors, ice businesses, economists, dentistry, landlords, routine workers, watchmakers, night watchmen to name a few.

A lunar eclipse in this sign and degree occurred July 2000, so if you are old enough to remember this, you have a clue as to how this eclipse will affect you.

As Mercury is retrograde, events connected to this eclipse may occur now or later as a retrograde Mercury can delay. This energy will be intense for the next 30 days. Further events connected to this event can occur in January 2020, when Saturn hits the eclipse point.

This eclipse is in a Cardinal sign which means action or movement. The term cardinal is derived from a Latin word that means important. This eclipse falls on the 10th-4th axis, which relates to business and priorities, home and our basic structures and foundations in life,  security and emotions. For some, intense emotional reactions and compulsive behavior can lead to a crisis state, or this could be experienced through others.
In relationships you could experience jealousy, compulsions, compulsive behavior, manipulation, coercion and at worst volatility or violence if those tendencies exit already. At this time some relationships must end or change.

The eclipse is conjunct Pluto and Saturn, setting off the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that will dominate the skies between now and 2020. We will see major events in our lives and on the world stage. Moon-Pluto transits relate to things and situations that can be revealed, power struggles and the abuse of power, bullies, sex and money. The moon rules the Mother and women. Issues related to family and early childhood or childhood conditioning  can be experienced at this time. Some will feel the urge to dominate and control situations and other people.

Pluto transits often reveal the dark or shadow side of our personalities and can generate deep seated fear, obsessions and sometimes a desire to control out of fear of being controlled. This may dredge up past situations, revelations, issues from the past, and long ago deeply felt hurts that still reside in the subconscious mind. Things may happen at this time that are beyond our ability to control.

You could find yourself in a power struggle with someone else and it is important to consider the question: Is it someone else that is the problem, or some type of internal deeply felt situation or desire within yourself?  Some will experience a crisis of self-confidence.

The positive side of this is change that can occur on a very deep level. Now is the time to purge your mind and life of negative habits and patterns of thinking that tie you down and to the past and old programming that is no longer beneficial to your life and growth. The tendency my be to try and repress or block that which seems frightening, but it is actually an opportunity to let go of these thoughts, ideas and compulsions. Deep change is possible.

Venus is opposing Saturn at 16 degrees of Cancer-Capricorn and is exact in the early morning hours of July 17. This becomes part of the eclipse energy and relationship issues can occur involving love and emotions, money and young women in particular along with personal  values.

You may feel emotionally stymied, cold, or others may seem cold and it may be hard to express yourself. Guilt, loneliness and self-pity or conflicts with close partners can occur as a result of this or you could feel undeserving. It is important to remember if these feelings occur, they should not be taken seriously and this is a short lived transit. Situations and people who make you feel like this should be released if this is their long term effect. Money or financial matters may come to the forefront as well. What do I value most, can be a relevant question at this time.

You can use this energy to purge your life and mind of situations that are no longer viable or in your best interest as Pluto is the ultimate planet of change and regeneration. It may not be easy, but could lead to a new, transformed and better future and outlook on life. Let go of that which does not work and you will experience a re-birth, as this is the nature of Pluto.
This powerful eclipse will affect us on a personal and global level. Moon-Pluto deals with Motherhood and early conditioning,  women and long held views of women, sexuality and that which society considers appropriate and not appropriate, such as taboos. Families and family values are a topic likely to be front and center.  Expect more news related to sex, sex trafficking, women's issues, those who desire to control and manipulate women's issues. Pluto deals with the darker side of power, absolute power and control, crime, abuse and destruction. Government upheaval is a Plutonian example of the type of change Pluto brings, along with terrorism and it rules drug lords and crime organizations.

In the US chart this eclipse falls in the 8th house and is conjunct Mercury the planet of communication, speech and publishing.  The eighth house rules international finance, multi-national companies, death, public mortality, national death and re-birth. Mercury rules all communication, travel, and young people, power and control.  We will see major news stories relating to these matters and potential attempts to limit the free press, and freedom of speech could also become an issue. Pluto and Mercury rule the press. As this eclipse will oppose Pluto (in the US chart), emotions in the US will be intense and we can hear news of crime, violence, power struggles, corruption, and abuse of power. There could be questions about what constitutes the government's authority and reach. We could hear of a significant (public) death within the next month and finances and financial markets could be of concern. Earth related issues may be obvious at this time and Pluto also rules Nuclear energy and weapons as well as buildings and structures.

Venus will conjunct the North node in Cancer and opposes Saturn.  On the world stage we will see a crisis involving girls and young women that  relates to the past. Ideas, opinions and values in relationship to women will come to the forefront at this time offering an opportunity to change what needs to be changed within society.  Money and values can also come into question, especially societal values that are no longer appropriate.

This will be a stressful and intense time, and it important not to act on impulses. With Pluto there is often destruction or change of what exists but it an opportunity for a beautiful re-birth that can lead to a positive and rewarding future.

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