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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Venus opposes Pluto: Desires, obsessions and compulsions

It's been a rough week for many with the powerful eclipse in Capricorn and Venus's opposition to Saturn. I would love to say things are going to lighten up but we have another challenging transit this weekend as Venus opposes Pluto.

This transit is exact in the early morning hours of July 21, so expect this energy to begin to really play out by July 19-20. It's energy will be with us at least another 48 hours after it is exact.

You could feel instantly drawn to someone in a compelling or mysterious manner, but there could be something inappropriate about the relationship, or it could be based purely on physical attraction..

Under this transit some relationships and situations will end. Others, with work, could be transformed in some way, but the path will not be an easy one.

Pluto is an obsessive planet and its nature is to push, dig and in some cases bully. We could hear of domestic violence or abuse. Venus rules women and this combination typically brings news concerning women. We could hear of scandals or issues involving sex or sex trafficking. At the time of this post convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein has been denied bail.

Venus rules love, money and values, and Pluto rules sex, obsessions, bullies, jealousy and the darker emotions, as well as transformation of all kinds. It could relate to obscure dramas, endings, indiscretions, compulsions, irrational behavior, emotional meltdowns, manipulation and issues over sex or money. It is important to control your thinking/emotions as to not go down a dark rabbit hole that would be hard to get out of. You or someone else could become suspicious, controlling or manipulative.

Venus is transiting through Cancer, the ruler of the 4th house of home and family and Cancer is concerned with home and family, security and feelings.

 As Venus is in Cancer this could involve situations that include family members, and with Pluto in Capricorn it  could involve business relationships, or any other type of relationship, not limited to romantic ones.
In the world expect this to play out in terms of news relating to women, money, scandals and abuse of power. We could hear news of those considered, 'open enemies' to the US.

This will affect those with Cardinal planets ( Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) at 20-23 degrees. If the Sun's opposition to Pluto was significant to you July 13/14th this one will have an affect as well.

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