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Friday, July 26, 2019

The Sun, Moon and Venus square Uranus: Unpredictability and change!

We have a some changeable  days ahead and the more your plans are set in stone the more disruptive this will be. The more stable your life is the less changeable it will be, but as always it depends what is in your personal chart at the time. Uranus is involved, and this is the planet of unexpected change.

Uranus rules freedom, changeability, unexpected twists and turns, electricity, aircraft, and explosive and unexpected circumstances to name a few.

The Sun is now moving into its square with Uranus and this becomes exact the evening of July 29. This will be followed by a New moon at 8 degrees of Leo that will square Uranus July 31, and Venus squares Uranus August 2. The energy will play out in the few days before and after these dates.

Sun square Uranus (July 29) is a transit that should demand our attention as Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change. You will be especially affected by this transit if you have a Leo, Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius Sun at 5-7 degrees, or if you have other planets in your chart at these degrees. If you don't know consult a competent astrologer.

This is not the time to get into unstable or risky situations. At this time some things, as well as relationships can suddenly end or change. If you meet someone, romantic or otherwise, don't jump to conclusions no matter how attractive the person or situation appears, and let time be the judge. Uranus has a habit of bringing things in that leave as quickly as they came. Also, as Mercury turns direct August 31, there can be confusion and things in general cha change again.
It is important to drive defensively as people may be prone to making sudden moves as the energy is so changeable and some will act on sudden impulse.

For some, this can represent a major event or sudden change, and for others it may be as simple as changing your mind what you are going to do for the day. Either way, we are all under this powerful, changeable and erratic energy, but do not assume the worst. Sometimes change is positive and Uranus likes to shake us out of a rut.

Many people will experience this transit through other people who make changes.

Moon-Uranus (July 31) energy is also erratic and changeable. The Moon rules women and our emotions, and some may feel their emotions are all over the board and prone to sudden changes of mind on many matters. This can produce erratic and unstable interaction with women or family members.

Venus/Uranus (August 2) rules young women, values and money and is the planet associated with love, so relationships can change at this time for better or worse.  This can indicate breakups, sudden unstable romantic infatuations, excessive pursuit of pleasure or unexpected financial or social difficulties.

In the world we can expect to see these transits play out with unexpected events and as we are still in the eclipse season some of the events could be explosive or shocking. Uranus can represent airplane crashes, earthquakes or unexpected weather conditions, explosions, electrical or internet problems or hacks, and at its worst violence.

Venus-Uranus can coincide with unpredictability in the financial markets.  We will certainly hear news concerning women, scandals or both.

While the energy will be very high if not erratic there is no reason to expect to be caught up in any kind of a disaster, but it is important to be aware and plan your activities and interactions with others accordingly.

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