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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Mercury direct/Mars in Scorpio: Fireworks

Mercury turns direct  November 20, at 2:12 PM, EST. It's been a rough retrograde for many as Mercury in this sign rules the 8th house of sex, secrets, lawsuits and money. It's direct motion can only be a positive thing, but remember sometimes things change direction again as Mercury stations direct. Mercury won't actually move a degree forward until November 23, so things can still be confusing and changeable. The shadow period of retrograde Mercury will last until December 8.

Mars changes signs and moves into Scorpio about 36 hours or so before Mercury's direct motion, November 19. As Mars moves into Scorpio energies shifts to become more intense, and secretive. We can expect many things to take off at this time, one way or another, and the positive thing to do would be to focus your energy on something worthwhile you would like to accomplish instead of being tossed around like a leaf in the wind. As these 2 planets shift at the same time basically, this seems significant.

As Mars enters Scorpio it moves into its direct opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Mars opposing Uranus is changeable, volatile and unpredictable.  Be careful of accidents.  You will be personally affected if you were born October 24-28, (Scorpio) July 26-29 (Leo), or January 23-27 (Aquarius). That said, this energy affects us all, one way or another.

Expect things to be changeable this week. The peak of the Mars energy is November 24,  but the it is already in orb at the time of this post and it will continue a few days after its peak. November 24, we have some planetary help in the form of Venus conjunct Jupiter which is a positive transit good for socializing and this will lighten things up.

Mars-Uranus will play out in the world in terms of unexpected events and changes on the world stage. This could involve (to name a few) money and financial markets, police or military matters, explosions, aircraft crashes and unexpected twists in politics and the many hot spots around the world at this time.

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