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Monday, November 11, 2019

Taurus full moon: Practical magic!

This month's full moon on November 12, falls at 19 degrees of Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus the planet of love, money, beauty and values. Taurus rules the 2nd house of money and income and opposes the 8th house of money, taxes, debt, sex and secrets and it is here our energies will be focused. This moon will be more intense if you are born under Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius in the mid to late degrees.

This moon activates the Saturn-Neptune sextile that dominates the sky this month. Saturn rules structure, responsibilities, boundaries and work, while Neptune rules the ethereal world, dreams, creativity and the imagination. This combination doesn't occur often and these two powerful planets in a harmonious angle can create practical magic along with the Moon in Taurus. Now is the time to focus on turning dreams and ideas into practical form and bring them to life, especially as this transit will not occur again until 2036.

Mars is in sextile to Jupiter which gives energy, positivity, inventiveness and a degree of luck which will help bring things to a successful conclusion at this time.

The Sun and Mercury's conjunction and opposition to the Moon brings family members and one on one close relationships into focus at this time and tensions can rise and emotions can be amped up at this time leading to stress, agitation and conflict. Taurus however, is ruled by the sign Venus and is known for being calm and grounded. focus your energies  on this as opposed to letting things get out of control.

As this moon is in Taurus we can see an increase in severe or unexpected weather conditions, and Taurus is associated with earthquakes, although this is not something I would expect. With the Moon's opposition to Mercury be careful of accidents and issues with travel.

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