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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Fiery and volatile full moon in Leo!


This month’s full moon falls on January 28, at 9 degrees of Leo.

This may be a good time to let your hair down a little, but with some precautions. Leo is ruled by the Sun which is connected to the heart, both metaphorically and literally. This will be an action packed, temperamental moon and we can expect to see grand-standing and plenty of antics from the theatre of life. Leo is connected with the theatre and drama and we may feel overly dramatic at this time or be with those who do. Drama can take many forms and perhaps you can have some fun but rest assured those who feel ignored or unappreciated at this time will likely make sure we know exactly how they feel. Leo energy often comes with a powerful drive to be treated like a Queen or King, after all it is the sign of royalty.

You can express your dramatic side through clothes, makeup and new hair styles. You may be in a mood to look great, and be noticed. Even normally shy people become bolder on a full moon like this and may seek the limelight.

As Leo is connected with the 5th house many will seek fun and entertainment.  You could feel an urge to go out, get together with friends, party and break free, but Covid may well put a damper on plans like this which could create frustration.

The Moon opposes the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius. Moon-Sun oppositions relate to our interactions with others, in particular those closest to us and at times tensions can flare if there is friction. Sun-Jupiter is typically pleasant but things can get blown out of proportion. Sun-Saturn relates to work, restrictions and responsibilities and at times it can be depressive and indicative of endings but some of the other planets involved can help with this. Feeling restricted on this moon can create agitation.

 With the Moon’s opposition to 3 planets in Aquarius many will seek new ways of doing things. This combination can create a desire to seek out adventure but it will be tempered by Saturn. With Aquarius, freedom and individuality often become a significant theme.

Venus conjunct Pluto can be connected to obsessive thoughts and feelings directed toward relationships, love, money and sex. Matters may become deep, intense and there could be issues of control, or certain things may be revealed at this time. At the very worst this transit can be indicative of volatile feelings or actions. Some relationships could end, and others could be transformed for the better with a great deal of work. This is the nature of a Venus-Pluto transit and feelings will not be superficial at this time. Pluto is the planet of change and transformation and it is up to us to direct the energy in a positive way.

The Leo moon will also square Uranus and Mars. This is the most significant and volatile aspect this moon makes. The combination of these three planets can be indicative of angry and explosive situations and events. Moon-Mars relates to women and anger, or emotional anger. Add Uranus to the mix and we have a truly explosive and unpredictable 24-48 hour period with the powerful full moon in Leo. Accidents can be a possibility as well, so take care.

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