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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

August 2021 Astrology!


During August the Sun transits through Leo, and then Virgo. Mercury, the planet of communication travels through three signs this month, and Venus, the planet of love and money moves from Virgo into Libra where it is at home and very powerful. Mars remains in work oriented Virgo all month and Jupiter, the planet of luck and gain has re-entered Aquarius, the sign connected with the collective. Uranus turns retrograde joining Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter making 5 out of 10 planets retrograde this month slowing some things down and creating delays.

Covid cases will continue to increase in the US

Covid cases began to rise significantly in July, and based on the US natal chart and some other factors, it appears Covid-19 will continue to rise throughout most of the year. In the US natal chart Pluto will oppose Mercury for its final pass August 9th-November 30th.  Each of these previous transits (December 27, 2020-January 26, 2021 and February 20, 2020-July 4, 2020) saw rises in Covid as well as deaths. Between May 14-July 28 of this year Jupiter (and Neptune) have been in Pisces, a sign associated with infectious diseases (and misinformation). Jupiter turned retrograde June 20th and will not turn direct until October 18th. Whatever Jupiter touches, it expands-good or bad. Since Jupiter’s retrograde the delta variant has spread substantially and we are reaching another critical moment in time.

Unfortunately this is not positive astro news but it is important to be aware, and it will be best to use extreme caution in terms of Covid for the rest of the year. As vaccines have stalled Covid will likely continue to increase and cause more hospitalizations and deaths unless something dramatically changes in our approach to dealing with the virus. Vaccines are our best hope of fighting this once in a lifetime pandemic. Stay safe and be aware!

The Sun and Mercury will clash with Saturn and Uranus

During the first week of August, the Sun and Mercury in Leo will ‘set off’ the Saturn/ Uranus square which is associated with change, sometimes unexpected but not necessarily negative. You will be affected to a greater degree if you have fixed planets-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius at 10-15 degrees. The most significant dates are:

August 1st-the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Egos may be running on high and this is something to consider in your dealings with others. August 1-2 the Sun and Mercury will oppose Saturn. This can be tiring and lean toward the negative in some cases. Alternatively you may feel the weight of responsibility and be working hard toward some goal.

August 6th, the Sun squares Uranus. This is prone toward unexpected events, changeability and sudden outbursts. This aspect can coincide with change or breaking free of something or even someone. We may see and hear about unusual events at this time.

 The Leo season

The Leo season began July 22, when the Sun entered Leo and will remain in this sign until August 22, when it enters Virgo. During the Leo season life is about singles, entertainment, following your passions and having fun. Now is the most magical, if not brief time of the year where we are drawn to beaches, lakes, outdoor parties and barbeques and of course the one thing that reigns eternal; love and romance.

Leo is ruled by the Sun which gives us life and warmth and Leo energy is confident and bold. Leo is a fire sign prone to action, movement and creation. This is the time we want to shine, be in the spotlight and receive attention and come across as more dramatic.

Leo is a regal sign that rules royalty, theatre and acting and we will experience a take charge kind of energy. At best this can help you take command of your life, express yourself your own way and inspire the confidence of others.

At its worst, Leo can be overly dramatic and too demanding of attention, which is the downside of the sign. When Leo feels he or she has been ignored, treated badly or without the respect they deserve it can signal the end of a friendship. Watch letting your feelings get carried away over minor issues regarding attention from others as those in question may not be deliberately trying to insult or ignore you.

Venus enters Libra

Venus leaves practical Virgo and moves into Libra on August 16th where it is at home. Venus rules money, values and love. In Libra, Venus is a powerful and easy energy and is all about establishing harmony in your relationships.

If you were born with Venus in Libra you are a romantic at heart. You will thrive in a positive and committed relationship. As Libra is attracted to beauty you may go for flowers, silk sheets and a beautiful and balanced romantic atmosphere. Libra does not like things that are unkempt or not appealing to the senses. You probably have a strong sense of style and know how to dress and make the most of your physical attributes.

Venus in Libra is the time to make more time for your significant other, or even those in your business or work life, and realize the value they can bring to the table. Harmony and getting along will be valued over performance and output. Libra is an air sign that likes mental acuity and witty conversation. These traits will be much more appealing over the next month.

While Venus is in Libra others (and yourself) may come across friendlier, more helpful, personable and gracious. This is a great time for a makeover, new clothes, a change in hairstyle or anything of the like. You will be more attracted to beautiful objects and things.

Venus-Libra does not like sordid situations, ugliness or arguments. Based on the logical nature of Venus-Libra, if things spiral out of control you may be met with a detached, cold attitude. Venus in Libra can seem aloof, but if you are friendly, approachable and able to carry on an interesting conversation it will be worth its weight in gold while Venus in this sign.

August New Moon-unexpected changes or chaos

The August New Moon falls at 16 degrees of Leo on August 8th. This New Moon squares Uranus which typically results in change, often of an unexpected nature. We could see change in the world in the form of rebellions, coups, and unexpected events or even weather or earth related events. You may feel stressed, anxious, and restless or as though you want to try something new or approach things from a new direction. Egos may show themselves on this moon along with selfishness and drama, so these are also things to guard against.

Uranus is the planet associated with freedom, often from whatever you find oppressive. It can create instability in relationships and as this is a new cycle it is associated with new beginnings. If there is something that you are trying to break free of you may seriously consider doing it at this time. Impulsive decisions however, may not go as well. The challenge of this New moon will be to act in a solid way in the face of unexpected change. All change is not necessarily major or negative. We could also experience a sudden epiphany or come up with a unique idea or approach to something.

Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. This can create a magical type of feeling that anything is possible. Enjoy the feeling and strive for what you want to accomplish but it is important to remember that Neptune can create illusions that crumble when faced with the light of the Sun, so make sure you have your facts and information correct if you are embarking on something important. Venus-Virgo can give us the ability to delve into detail and facts and make positive and practical decisions.

The moon in Leo rules the 5th house of fun, romance and entertainment and many will be focused here. The Leo moon is a time to get out and have some fun but be aware the Uranus aspect can change plans so best they are not set in stone. Sometimes it’s the unexpected things that create the best and most vivid memories.

Mercury enters Virgo

August 11th the planet of communication leaves Leo and enters Virgo where it will remain until August 30th when it enters Libra. Mercury is the planetary ruler of both Virgo and Gemini.

Mercury in Gemini is associated with quick responses, intelligence, and communication about a broad range of ideas. When Mercury is in Virgo communication is more about facilitating ideas, analyzing information and presenting facts in a straight forward and factual manner. Gemini may reach out for information of all types and go in many different directions but Virgo hones in on what is important and puts that information to practical use. Virgo is very discerning and is often considered lazar focused on the matters at hand. The only downside to Mercury in Virgo is that at times it can be so discerning one can become lost in the details or overly critical or picky. Use this time to work on projects that require method, organization, timing and communication and you should do well.

Uranus retrogrades

Uranus is the planet of change and freedom and it turns retrograde as it does every year on August 19th at 14 degrees of Taurus and remains retrograde until January 18th, 2022. During its retrograde period it will once again square Saturn the latter part of December as it did in February and June. This aspect is connected with instability, unexpected events and change.

Uranus is an erratic and unpredictable planet that is associated with sudden and unexpected events as well as cutting edge innovations.  If you are experiencing a Uranus transit personally, Uranus’s retrograde can be a significant period and we will seek innovation and changes within ourselves and our own inner thinking. We may look to new directions, new ways of thinking, or in some cases a totally different path depending on whether or not you feel things in your life are working as they should be. These changes will generally take place on an inner level, and more on an outer level when Uranus turns direct.

On the world stage, Uranus rules aircraft, inventions, coups, explosions and sometimes explosive change. We can expect to see many things happening in the world or changing course as Uranus turns retrograde.

The Sun enters Virgo

The Sun enters Virgo August 22, and the Virgo season begins so expect another major energy shift. Virgo energy is connected to organization, healing, detail, focus, intellect, warmth, being grounded, health, stability, analytical, critical, conscientious, discriminating, fastidious, and modest.

Virgo is the sign that rules the 6th house of the zodiac or work, health and healing, and it represents the mutable time of summer when weather begins to shift toward fall. As the Sun enters Virgo our thoughts tend to be more about work, our health, production, and accomplishment.

Getting your life in order

The Virgo season is time to wind down from the summer fun filled days of Leo, take charge of your life, and get your house in order for the coming change of season. If you follow astrology at all it should come as no surprise that during the Virgo season stores are stocked full of notebooks, and all types of things to organize, and prepare for success in preparation of school openings. Virgo’s ruler Mercury is considered the planet of intellect, thinking, communication and learning.

Virgo is associated with healing

Virgo is associated with healing of both intellectual and physical health. Virgo has a natural and instinctive understanding of health and the connection between body, mind and soul. The Virgo season is an auspicious time to kick start your own well being in several areas and treat your body with respect. Now is the time to make positive changes in diet, fitness, and explore natural remedies if this seems appropriate for you. Self-care also falls in the realm of Virgo and now is the time to pay attention as to what you can do to help yourself physically and mentally. Virgo is an auspicious time for-

-Promoting a healthy diet and exercise

-Learning yoga, meditation or other natural remedies for relaxation.

-Following up on medical care.

-Learning to get enough sleep.

-Letting go of worry.

Virgo is often considered critical

Virgo is known for its desire for perfection in all matters which sometimes leads people to believe Virgo energy is about fault finding and being overly critical. This can be true at times but at the core Virgo energy is concerned with facts and seeing all matters clearly, taking into consideration all factors including inconvenient truths. Virgo will not be appeased with shallow answers or half truths.  Virgo is about healing, correctness and getting to the core issue in any situation, resolving problems and moving forward in positive manner bringing us all closer to true success. In other words, Virgo simply wants to get things right.

August full moon in Aquarius

The full moon this month falls at 29 degrees of Aquarius on August 22, the same day the Sun enters Virgo. This is the second full moon in Aquarius in two months. The first Aquarius full moon fell on July 23rd, at 1 degree of Aquarius, and this one falls at 29 degrees. When a planet or a full moon falls at 1 degree it sometimes means new projects are started. 29 degrees represents endings, so you could be completing something that began a month ago or you could be ending something at this time. As this is considered a critical degree in astrology it is more significant in terms of finishing things up and moving on to the next phase. This occurs in our personal lives as well as the collective.

Aquarius rules the 11th house or the collective. In astrology Aquarius is concerned with the things that impact all of us. You may find yourself involved with groups at this time or even humanitarian ventures. As this Moon opposes the Sun in Leo there can be a conflict between what you want and desire as opposed to that of a group. Aquarius-Leo rules the 11th-5th house axis of the chart or friends, groups and in some cases romance. As the Moon conjuncts Jupiter this should be a positive and uplifting time for many.

There is however unpredictability to Aquarius as it is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, the planet of change.

August 29th-30th Mercury enters Libra

Mercurial energy changes once again as the planet of communication leaves Virgo for Libra. Over the next 10 weeks Mercurial energy will shift again as Mercury transits the sign ruling partnerships. Mercury will retrograde in Libra September 27th-October 18th. The things we begin in September may be stalled during Mercury’s retrograde and not be completed until after mid-October so get as much as you can accomplished before the retrograde.

 Communication will take on a friendlier, more congenial tone as opposed to the critical and demanding tone Mercury in Virgo can produce. Libra has an innate sense of fairness, which is how Libra comes by its reputation of being a peacemaker.

Some words that describe Libra in Mercury are diplomatic, charming, smooth, flirty and sympathetic. Also, indecisive, procrastination, people pleaser and over-intellectualizing.

Since Libra does not like conflict, people will be more prone toward compromise and finding some common value or solution. Libra will do almost anything to avoid conflict or an argument which can create a great deal of confusion in others to the point that Libra energy can sometimes seem passive-aggressive.

Libra is an air sign which means Mercury in this sign has the ability to see the big picture with great clarity. Libra is also a Cardinal sign which means change can occur due to active assertion of ideas or action.


Other transits of interest in August:

August 3rd, Venus trines Uranus. This is a positive transit indicative of unexpected events, new approaches and events in our social lives. Also on this day Mercury squares Uranus which is mentally changeable, irritable and can seem restless. Be aware of the changeability of this aspect and it is accident prone.

August 9th Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune. This falls on the heels of the New Moon and is part of the New Moon energy. This can seem spiritual or magical but Neptune also rules illusions, delusions and confusion so uses care and look to facts as opposed to how you wish things to be.

August 10th, Mercury opposes Jupiter. This is typically positive but some things may be blown out of proportion.

August 11th, Venus trines Pluto. This is positive for financial matters, love, artistic efforts and expressing your feelings or ideas.

August 18th, Mercury conjuncts Mars. This is an irritating aspect prone to arguments or at best debate. Use care as this can be accident prone.

August 19th, the Sun opposes Jupiter. This is basically positive and hopeful but some things may be blown out of proportion.

August 20, Mercury trines Uranus. This is a positive transit prone to new ideas and approaches. You could come up with a brilliant idea.

August 22, Mars trine Uranus. This is prone to positive action, sometimes unexpected change and indicative of excitement and new directions.

August 23rd, Venus trines Saturn. This is a positive day for finance, meetings and business and indicative of things or people connected to the past.

August 24th, Mercury opposes Neptune. This is a tiring and confusing transit. Be aware of misinformation which will likely be swirling around or a lack of clarity. Not a positive day to implement new projects or make firm decisions.

August 26th, Mercury trines Pluto. A positive day for research, expressing your ideas, or getting to the bottom of a problem.









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