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Friday, October 25, 2013

A powerful solar eclipse in Scorpio: Realities, transformations and letting go

We are in the Scorpio season and the next eclipse of the season falls at 11 degrees of Scorpio Sunday, November 3rd at 7:50 am, EST.

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house of other people's money, debt, taxes, sex, death and change and transformations, sometimes forced upon us.

Sometimes for a new way of life to emerge an old way must die, and often with 8th house matters we find ourselves in a place that feels like we must transform and change and leave the old ways behind or swim in a sea of loss regret and despair. Of course all transformation is not this dramatic, but as the eclipse is conjunct Saturn, we will be looking at the stark reality of whatever the situation we are concerned with is during this time. It is important to remember Saturn has a grounding effect, and once we begin the initial transformation process Saturn may give us great strength, fortitude and ability to plough through the obstacles that may be blocking our success. For many, this eclipse will deal with matters concerning money or finances in some form.

Scorpio is a fixed sign and its power and intensity comes at the expense of forward movement. It is slow to change, and slow to forgive. It is connected to the themes of birth and death, and Scorpio rips apart, sacrifices and then rebuilds. Scorpions in the animal kingdom are silent yet deadly, always lurking in the shadows until they strike.


Scorpio's ruler is Pluto, known as the 'God of the Underworld,' and it's co-ruler Mars. Mars will be sextile this eclipse at 11 degrees of Virgo making it an even more powerful eclipse.

While sextiles are generally considered favorable, Mars-Saturn-Pluto energy in any form is secretive, intense, controlling, driven, dramatic, determined and even revengeful. There is nothing light about this energy, rather it is a dark, strong force that needs to be channeled appropriately, and I would advise anyone reading this to use this time to set goals and direct this energy in a positive manner around this time.

Some astrologers consider Pluto to be Scorpio's day ruler and Mars the night ruler. The ancients considered Mars to be Scorpio's ruler, but when Pluto was discovered in 1930 it was considered a better fit for the distant planet because of its brooding, mysterious energy, making Mars co-ruler. Some astrologers although still consider Mars its ruler today.

Everything that is deep, hidden and secretive is Pluto's realm. Pluto is the planet associated with vengeance, revenge and deep seated compulsions. A Scorpio eclipse can bring out buried, deep emotions that may have been secretly building inside for a long while. As this force erupts skeletons may come out of the closet, secrets revealed and your emotional life may be put through the paces and show you what emotions, situations and even people are worth hanging onto in the future. Pluto is the planet that tears down, only to rebuild in a different manner.

The problem with Plutonian energy is that sometimes things and situations are torn down simply for the sake of tearing down, only to have to be rebuilt again in the future. True wisdom is in knowing what to tear down for the betterment of the situation to be rebuilt in a stronger way, rather than tearing down simply to destroy, wrecking havoc that is difficult to repair, if not impossible. This is a deep statement, but it is also very literal when it comes to channeling the energy of this most powerful planet. Emotions/conversations can become so deep, disturbing or intense there is no going back, so carefully consider your actions during this eclipse. Are you better off with the situation/person or without it?

April 25, 2013 a lunar eclipse occurred at 5 degrees of Scorpio, and it was conjunct Saturn. Eclipses repeat themselves every 19 years and the last eclipse at this degree (within 1 degree) occurred November 3, 1994, but for several reasons this year's eclipse will be much more powerful than in 1994.

Solar eclipses fall on new moons and often indicate new beginnings of some type depending on what it is aspecting in your chart and where it is falling. The energy of a solar eclipse can last a year or longer depending on the strength of the eclipse and serve as a guidepost to show us where our attention will be focused for some time to come.  As Mercury is retrograde, events connected to this eclipse may be delayed for days or weeks.

Eclipses do not always bring bad events, sometimes they bring good ones, again depending on where it is falling in your personal chart. The ancients often looked at eclipses as harbingers of bad news, and this can be the case although it can work the opposite way also, depending on other planetary alignments.

Overall, with the other aspects and the intense nature of Scorpio we will undoubtedly feel and hear of stress, drama and even tragedy in the world, even if it does not affect us personally. Eclipses always coincide with stressful energy overall, and especially in the sign Scorpio which amps up intensity.

Many events/situations will be revealed on this eclipse as Mercury is retrograde and the Uranus-Pluto square is exact which will bring changes within itself. The eclipse will reveal the changes and help bring them out into the open in both your life and the world.

Some will be letting go of certain situations, or moving into some type of transformative state. Relationships, sex, death and money will be themes that will occur.

Whatever the case we will not be looking at our own personal situations wearing rose colored glasses as Saturn is about stark reality. Once you accept the reality of any given situation it becomes easier to create a plan and move to higher ground.  Utilize Saturn to give yourself stamina, determination and resolution to move forward. As we move forward into late November-December, Saturn will for a trine, considered positive, with Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance helping to bring stability and positive results to our lives.

 Those born with personal planets and points in their personal chart at approximately 6 to 16 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will be affected by this eclipse most significantly

The Eclipse Chart

This eclipse chart is set for November 3, 2013 at 7:50 a.m, Washington, DC.

The ascendant of this chart is 24 degrees of Scorpio showing a concern with money, taxes, death and the regeneration of certain societal institutions or values. (Obama Care is one such institution, regenerating the health care industry) The banking industry is another.

Scorpio's ruler, Pluto falls in the second house of money, wealth, banks and financial resources of the country, and is square Uranus in the 5th house ruling, 'high society', entertainments, children and speculation, showing a link with the national economy through financial speculation. Concepts here may be reconsidered along with tax reform and other financial systems.

As I was about to post this article I was listening to NPR and heard reports the Fed has proposed new banking rules requiring banks to keep more short term assets on hand that can be sold during a crisis to prevent another meltdown like 2008. The rules will be more stringent than international banking rules, and this action clearly is part of this eclipse chart. Uranus-Pluto brings change, and in this case it is much needed change. The Scorpio eclipse puts a focus on 8th house matters that include banking.

Mars falls in the 10th house ruling the government and leaders and is sextile Mercury, the Moon, Sun and Saturn. This shows communications/situations that may remain secret and hidden from public view.

The eighth house cusp of this chart is 25 degrees of Gemini, therefore it (8th house) is ruled by Mercury (retrograde) and all matters concerning money, taxes and debt may not be clear, or they may be misrepresented by politicians or those in charge or be ineffective. decisions made at this time may change later. Jupiter, the money planet lies in the 8th house at 20 degrees of Cancer but has hit it's stationing point before turning retrograde November 7, another indication decisions reached may not be lasting or what we are led to believe they may be.

The eclipse (moon) falls in the 12th house along with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and the North Node and is considered the house of things that remain wholly or partially hidden. It represents large institutions, hospitals, prisons, places people go voluntarily or otherwise to be alone, and is considered to rule things that are subversive to the established order. It rules underground societies, parties and the mystical aspects of religion and philosophy are ruled by this house. The twelfth house is also considered the house of Karma. With Mercury located there, and the moon falling on Mercury we may hear news regarding transport, travel, young people.

Astrologer Jude Cowell wrote: "an eclipse (starting this series) did manifest on January 26, 1599 (NS) @6AQ19--and it has Uranus (23Ari25) trine Neptune (24Leo53 Rx), both creative Fire signs.

This is important because the initial (beginning) eclipses in each Saros Series continue to flavor subsequent manifestations of that Series, and the 16N on November 3, 2013 brings forward the Uranus-Neptune tone of their trine.

Utopian Ideals: Uranus (Science; Genius) meets Neptune (the Unconscious; Dreams)

So with its vibes beginning to be felt in late October-early November, 16N relates to 'a sense of inspiration; illumination of ideas; sudden release of material from the unconscious which brings with it a great deal of insight; these ideas are good and it would be wise to act upon them."

Philosophy today involves the political policies we see emerging in Washington, and Cowell wrote: "Ideas and plans that will radically alter destiny are under deep suspicion and critical eyes focus on past enforcement upon humanity of ideologies that were expected to be blindly and obediently accepted.

The November 2013 Solar Eclipse of the 16N Series will bring to mind the period between 1938 and 1944 (when Uranus and Neptune were trine) and the mass hysteria induced by the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito. Apathy and indolence (trine) of the era allowed the destruction of many lives and futures to be implemented by dictators who, like modern-day globalists, were determined to force a 'new order' for the entire world.

I believe that this in part describes what we're seeing on Capitol Hill these days and it explains the Republican-Tea Party 'crazy train' of bad ideas meant to collapse the most prominent nation-state in the world: America, so that a 'new order' can be built upon the ashes of the old. I'm not in favor, are you?"- Jude Cowell

Recent polls suggest Democrats may reclaim both houses in US elections next year due to the Tea Party involvement in shutting down the US government in October. The majority of Americans did not support this move. As events of this eclipse unfold, further right wing ideas may emerge that are considered to be subversive to society and law and order or laid to rest as being wrong all together, as Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio. That said, there may be other ideas/concepts that will emerge outside the Tea Party that would be considered subversive to normal society as well. The 12th house also reveals those elements, including people that are considered to be operating secretly.

Events involving children may occur suddenly and unexpectedly.  In the Aries eclipse chart of November 18,  Mars opposed Neptune from the fifth house of children and there was another school shooting.

Both this eclipse chart and the previous lunar eclipse on October 18 have numerous planets in the 12th house. This shows us many aspects involving our government and the 'powers that be' are operating in secret, and as a country we are still in the dark about a great deal of what can and will affect us as a society.

The US President meets with allies October 25 to discuss allegations of phone tapping and spying. It is ironic that issues concerning personal privacy now plague the nation that has been the democratic role model for the world.

On a final note, Pluto rules nuclear issues and radiation. We are again at risk of earth related changes and there was a reported earthquake off the shores of Japan close to the devastated nuclear plant October 25. We may hear more about that or issues concerning nuclear weapons.











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