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Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 2013: A powerhouse lunar eclipse in Aries

Setting the eclipse chart for October 18, 2013, 7:38 p.m., Washington, DC, USA, the eclipse/full moon falls at 25 degree of Aries. Looking at this chart we can see what our concerns and issues will be overall in the US at the time of the eclipse.

The ascendant of this chart is Taurus showing a concern with money, taxes and even credit ratings and mortgages will be forefront at this time, and in proceeding days. There could be news about women.

 This full moon lunar eclipse falls in the 12th house of situations and things that are secret, hidden, hospitals (Obamacare), situations/events of a subversive nature, opposing the Sun in the 6th house, ruling workers, trade unions and groups, and the military.

The Sun represents the President and his government. The 6th house, where the Sun lies also rules health and healthcare, public health, the and this moon shows us disruption and emotional turmoil among these groups of individuals (workers/military) and the government, and continued debate over Obamacare.

Saturn and Mercury are also in the 6th showing discontent among workers and transit/ trade and commerce at risk of being interrupted.

The twelfth house also rules spying, situations occurring that are secret and hidden from public view, and Uranus in the 12th house concerns things that are considered subversive, secret and hidden or secluded like hospitals and institutions. Uranus is the planet ruling electronic inventions, cutting edge technologies, revolutions, coups, electricity, explosions and explosive situations.

Uranus squares Pluto from the 12th house to the 8th house of taxpayers' money. The 8th house also rules death and transformation, or forced transformation. This shows us many things are happening the general public is unaware of and there are those groups who wish to force change upon the population.

Mars is opposing Neptune showing us we could hear news of a terror threat or crime carried out by a subversive group or person, operating under the guise of religion or a fanatical belief system.

Mars-Neptune often brings news of gay rights issues, sex issues, scandals, drugs (legal or illegal) chemical warfare and gasses, contamination, and situations relating to water, oceans.

Mars-Neptune transits usually show unclear or convoluted situations and information at best and it is dark, discouraging energy. Fanatical religious factions may be in the news.

Mars lies in the 5th house ruling financial speculation, 'high society,' pleasures, enjoyments, social functions, and children opposing Neptune in the eleventh house which shows a confused and unclear government/Congress. It also relates to foreign affairs and governments of other countries and shows us we could have problems in these areas.


A lunar eclipse occurs as the Earth is between the Moon and Sun, and is always on a full moon. Lunar eclipses are known to bring endings and/or a culmination of existing conditions. Solar eclipses are more likely to bring new beginnings, and we have a solar eclipse on November 3 in Scorpio.

This lunar eclipse may bring things to fruition or conclusion that started on the new moon October 5. The energy of this eclipse will continue to work for at least 6 months or longer.

How will the eclipse affect you?

This eclipse falls at 25 degrees of Aries, the natural ruler of the first house governing the self. Individual desires, wants and needs will be in the forefront, and our own desires will take on more importance.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War, and Aries is no wallflower, nor is it subtle in energy or action.

While our desirers may take on greater importance, so will other peoples, and herein, the conflict may lie, and the challenges occur. This eclipse is about the first-seventh house axis: Individual needs and desires versus relationships with others. Our needs may conflict with others or vice versa. Relationships of all types that are tottering on shaky ground may well end at this time. Moon-Sun oppositions tend to make situations more emotional and can create conflict between the sexes if there is already tension.

Mars opposes Neptune at 2 degrees of Virgo/Pisces, and this will create foggy conditions and facts may be unclear.  Make no decisions/choices without the clear facts and entire story or you may regret it later. You may not know the entire story, or it could be distorted or misrepresented. Mars-Neptune is a discouraging transit, but at its best can transcend physical boundaries into the spiritual realm. Prayer, meditation, creativity, forgiveness and helping those less fortunate in some way are all appropriate activities.

Mars will cross Neptune slowly and situations may be slow to reveal themselves for what they are. Often, eclipses bring situations, people and events out into the light and reveal things, situations, even changes in our feelings.

Eclipses stimulate our mental, spiritual and emotion lives, but exactly what they may bring is determined by your personal natal chart and what is being aspected at the time.

Events may be delayed

Mercury is stationary retrograde on October 19, the day after the eclipse and it is at this point Mercury weaves its magic, gets its bad name and glitches of all types crop up. Eclipses that fall so close to a retrograde Mercury often cause events to the eclipse itself to be delayed for days or weeks.

Over the next six weeks or so we will experience two eclipses and the Uranus-Pluto square becomes exact, creating turmoil in the world and in our lives. People may seem irritating and others will try and bully or push their way around--don't let it be you! Many events will be occurring, some of them difficult. It is important to remember everything is about energy, and this is disruptive energy. The more you can remain calm and centered, the better your chances of successfully dealing with this energy. Now is the time to take control of your thinking, life and your situations to the best your ability. Change is in the air. If you can embrace positive change, the better off you will be.

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