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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Charles and Camilla: Big trouble

News outlets have reported Prince Charles of England and his wife the former Camilla Parker-Bowles are headed for a divorce. According to reports the trouble began when Camilla threw herself a lavish divorce party and was photographed on a yacht topless.
Whether these stories are true or not, a look at both charts shows us that yes, indeed there is trouble brewing between the two and it is big trouble.
The two married after years of engaging in an affair, that Princess Diana blamed for she and Charles' divorce.
Charles and Camilla married April 9, 2005, at 12: 30 p.m. Looking at their wedding chart, the first thing I notice is on that day Mercury was retrograde! Where on earth were the court astrologers that day? While retrograde Mercury may reunite old lovers at times, or correct situations from the past, no credible astrologer would advise anyone to marry on a retrograde Mercury! Charles, why didn't you call me about the wedding date?
The second thing in the wedding chart I don't like is Mars conjunct Neptune in the seventh house of marriage, which tells us the motivations were not clear or perhaps there were ulterior motives, or confusion or lack of clarity in some way about the union. Much gossip was occurring at the time of their marriage and it was likely discouraging.
Jupiter was in Aquarius, transiting both of their seventh houses of marriage, and it trined Charles Mars in his house of true love and Camilla's 11th house Uranus creating an exciting time in both their lives.
Jupiter transiting the seventh house often brings marriage if other transits don't prevent it.
Camilla has four planets in Cancer, showing her deeply private nature and a Saturn conjunct Pluto in Leo in her first house shows great determination, which would have been required to spend decades as Charles mistress. Their marriage occurred against all odds.
Charles Venus/Neptune are together in Libra, the sign ruling marriage showing us he is a romantic, but also that his path to true love/marriage would be a contorted and complicated at best process. It is often considered to be unrequited love. Venus-Neptune individuals are sensitive and require lots of romance but don't necessarily like the day to day details or issues that may come up in a permanent union.
His moon describes Charles wife and it falls at 0 degrees of Taurus showing us a woman who is tenacious and perhaps materialistic. His Taurus moon sextiles Camilla's Cancer Moon/Venus and works well with her Cancer planets.
Camilla's Saturn falls on Charles ascendant, and this gives the relationship longevity and shows us it is karmic in nature.
Charles Venus in Libra connects well Camilla's Saturn, Uranus, Mars and Pluto, giving them many fortunate aspects together, and these are just a few of worth mentioning.
Camilla's Mars in Gemini however, opposes Charles Mars in Sagittarius showing us the relationship can turn volatile and what attracts them can at some point repel them, and with this transit both individuals can act in a self centered way. Sometimes individuals with this comparative transit can become violent toward each other. Charles moon squares Camilla's Saturn at 9 degrees of Leo and indicates a coldness that can crop up and at times Camilla may consider Charles a drudge or Charles could consider her a burden.
Signs of grave trouble are shown by transiting Uranus square Camilla' s Moon at 10 degrees of Cancer at the date of this post-October 6, 2013. Uranus-Moon transits indicate sudden, emotional upsets that can be shattering, and sometimes this coincides with a move, or issues involving another woman. Being in her 12th house she may try to keep these issues private, but secrets are starting to leak out, and more will be revealed in the future.
Transiting Pluto opposing her Moon/Venus brings up deep seated emotional issues and turmoil and Pluto-Venus often indicates one partner (or both) is engaged in an affair. Camilla must decide what she values the most during this time, and if it is the marriage circumstances may force her hand where she is not in control of circumstances.
In 1975-76 Pluto squared Camilla's Moon-Venus while in Libra for several years. It is likely in these years an affair began or trouble surfaced in her marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles. Her biography on Wikipedia states she resumed her relationship with Prince Charles in 1979.
Pluto and Uranus will be in a square (90 degree angle indicating difficulty) until 2016 and the Uranus-Pluto square falls directly on Camilla's Moon/Venus, and when this transit is set off, as it was upon the Globe publication stating she and Charles are divorcing (see picture above) major events can and will occur that change life.
As Camilla's Venus falls at 12 degrees of Cancer, the U-P square is falling on both her Moon and Venus, showing us domestic turmoil, scandal and unhappiness. The Uranus-Pluto square brings the energies of both Pluto and Uranus to bear on her Moon and her Venus. The month of October will be a difficult one, perhaps one of the most difficult months emotionally in her life.
Late January 2014, Pluto opposes Camilla's Venus, exact, and this transit has the power to end the marriage or it will be forever changed. By late March, Uranus squares Venus bringing unexpected issues and no doubt more scandal. These two planets will continue to wreck havoc in her emotional and personal life throughout 2014. She will be subject to scandal and more personal revelations.
Saturn is square Saturn from the fourth house of home and family, and by the third week of this month Saturn will square Pluto which tells us she is in danger of threats and blackmail, fearful and paranoid. Often this transit shows issues with money and changes to the reputation for worse, and she may find few friends in the Royal family. These issues did not just begin by the way, they have been going on for quite some time.
October's eclipse falls in Camilla's tenth house of priorities and reputation and the November third eclipse falling in her fourth house square Pluto indicates big troubles at home and potential endings.
The month of November also brings Saturn conjunct Jupiter in her fourth house and this is another difficult transit that relates to unhappiness, potential endings and financial matters. This transit will repeat in 2014.
Trouble is seen brewing in Charles chart by Saturn conjunct Mercury in his fourth house showing us harsh communication in recent weeks, issues with family and depression. Throughout summer Saturn opposed his Moon showing us personal discontent and unhappiness in marriage, and worry.
Neptune began a long (throughout January of 2015) opposition to his Saturn during spring-summer of 2013, and this is a transit showing unhappiness, a dissolving of life as he knows it, betrayal and issues surrounding sex and joint assets. It is more than possible during the duration of this transit Charles may experience a death of someone close to him.
This transit tells us Charles is mistrustful of people in his immediate circle, depressed, and suffering from anxieties and fear. It shows feelings of betrayal, lack of confidence and the potential for embarrassing revelations and scandals. He faces secret opposition, and it can indicate public disgrace.
During November 2013, Saturn squares Pluto from his fourth house, as does Camilla's chart, and this is a difficult transit as well bringing change in the home life.
The Uranus-Pluto square falls on Charles Neptune-Venus in Libra showing stress and change in the marriage. Uranus-Neptune transits indicate lack of clarity, scandal, depression and sometimes affairs that are short lived. This is a harsh configuration that will change Charles home life and marriage, and reaches a pivotal peak in early spring of 2014.
The fall eclipses are difficult, and especially the Scorpio eclipse in November indicates a decision must be made about family matters, that may go beyond divorce.
By early 2014 Saturn falls on Charles 22 degree Scorpio Sun and this transit is never easy. A death in the family is a possibility, and the transit repeats several times over the next year.
Saturn fell on Charles's Sun in 1984-85, and Saturn conjuncts the Sun every 29.9 years. It was during these previous years his marriage to Diana fell apart as he revealed in a television interview in 1994 when he stated he resumed his relationship with Camilla when his marriage "irretrievably broken down in 1986."
Can their marriage be saved? Divorce among royals is different from the general population, but both parties have shown a willingness to divorce in the past. The marriage looks shaky at best as this post is written, but if does survive it will be a long difficult process with many ups and downs, and it will probably never be the same for either of them. Here's to the best for both of them, and good luck.

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