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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Love on a Retrograde Mercury

Most of the time I advise clients not to start new relationships on a retrograde Mercury. Things generally begun on a retrograde have a habit of not working out well. But, what if you meet someone you really like during this time. Should you chose not to date them?

Absolutely not! What you should do is adjust your expectations accordingly and allow time to show you if this relationship will work out, and if the two charts support a relationship between you. What you should NOT do is put the horse before the cart, jump in with both feet and start planning the wedding. You will have to slow down and allow time to show you whether or not this relationship is valid or ever will be.

Retrograde Mercury is like a wild card. Sometimes we can re-connect with people from our past, but this is not a guarantee. It depends on what else is in your chart.

Retrograde Mercury seems to have fated effects, like all retrograde planets. In other words, what's fated to be will be and what isn't won't be. Sometimes this transit can bring people back together who are meant to be. Often it ends relationships that are fated to end. If this is the case with you, know that it was meant to be, at least for the time.

So, what are the possibilities of finding love on a retrograde and what will happen? You could meet someone, but never really go out on a date until Mercury goes direct. You could meet someone you like, but the situation never gets off the ground. You could have a relationship that goes great guns during the retrograde but dies down after the planet goes direct. Or you could meet someone that pops up every time Mercury goes retrograde, but otherwise isn't in your life. Or you could meet someone new and find out new information about them when Mercury goes direct. There are many possibilities and no exact scenarios. But, watch your expectations during this period and know that it may, or may not work out in the long run. You could change your mind about someone you are currently dating. Everything has a purpose, and the retrograde Mercury period is a time to re-access our lives. Perhaps there is someone you have known before you feel an urge to contact?

I would not advise joining new dating sites on a retrograde Mercury. Wait until it goes direct. Don't get engaged, married or make commitments you may later change. Otherwise, don't let it stop your social life, just be aware of the effects of this powerful planet, and plan accordingly. If it is fated to be it will be.

Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio October 21-November 10, 2013.



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