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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mercury: the good, the bad and the ugly

Mercury trines Uranus Wednesday, July 27. This is a positive transit, and a good day to come up with new ideas, plans and any communication. Put your brain to work and let the sky be the limit. This is a short window of opportunity though.

Thursday Morning, the Moon in Taurus opposes Mercury and squares Mars at 28 degrees of Scorpio. Irritation, anger and upset can easily occur as we start the day. This will make for a rough start.

By Friday, Mercury enters into a square with Mars, and this is prone to arguments, disputes and a great deal of mental aggravation.Venus and Mars are squared off as well.

Mercury rules communication of all types, travel and young people. As Mercury is in Leo relationships could become tense, or the disharmony could involve money issues. If this aspects your personal chart you could overact, and things could turn ugly if you don't use discernment. It's also possible that energy could be directed toward you, and people may be set off over just about anything. Communication issues can be affected as well.

Anger and agitation may be felt 'in the air,' and this is a bad day to start a disagreement or argument with anyone and my advice is to let this energy pass before taking actions or making statements that can inflame others. If you can get through these days and manage your normal affairs without conflict consider it a success and you are lucky! On days like this I try to 'fly under the radar.'

Use caution driving or traveling as this is a transit that is ripe for accidents.

This will be a  heavy news day involving angry people, and at its worst we could see the anger play out among young people in violent events as we have in the past. As this is the same day Uranus stations to turn retrograde this amps up the potential for violence. Uranus rules upheavals, freedom, coups, and is associated with breaking away from what is considered the establishment.

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