This is harsh energy and the results will play out in our lives on this day, and days surrounding.

Sun-Pluto transits have to do with power, control, obsessions, breakdowns of people and situations and ultimate transformative change. Pluto rules bullies and those who try and force their will on others.

Some relationships may end on this transit or be irrevocably changed. Issues can arise relating to taxes, insurance or joint finances.

Mercury conjunct the Sun is typically a willful transit that involves ego related energies.

Mercury opposing Pluto can relate to anger, arguments, and finding certain things out that can change the course of your actions and relationships.

Mercury-Pluto transits are intense if not obsessive in nature, people may be critical, overly emotional and demanding, and certain previously unknown things may be revealed.  

Mercury can involve transportation and travel issues, and this is not a day to be careless on the road. Mercury rules communication of all types, pets and young people.

Pluto transits transform in some cases, but are otherwise difficult. A transit like this can be indicative of endings in some situations, total change, power struggles, loss and breakdowns. Others can attempt to change you, or you others. Deep seated relationship issues can come to the surface,and problems in business and with joint finances.

There can be a feeling of forced change. Pluto rules bullies and you could come up against this type of person. Push an issue and don't expect anyone not to push back on this day three fold. I would leave contentious or controversial issues for another day. Don't issue ultimatums unless you are prepared to walk away.

This opposition falls in cardinal signs which means the energy of things will change quickly. If the Venus-Pluto opposition affected you on June 30-July 1, it is likely this transit will have an affect you as well.

While the stress of this transit will affect us all, it will bring substantial events to those who have Cardinal planets at 15-17 degrees of Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn.  

 The events will relate to change that could occur in the home or business life or some other area, depending on where these planets are located in your personal chart.

Venus is square Uranus as well, at 24 degrees of Cancer-Aries. Typically Venus-Uranus transits result in unexpected actions and unexpected events. Venus rules love and money. Uranus relates to freedom, and changes in routine.

Additionally, the Moon will square Mars this day, and many will feel an undefined anger or agitation and this will add more volatility to the day. In Leo the Moon can result in immature, childish or actions designed to get the attention of others.

Put this all together and we have a volatile day for relationships in general, as well as other situations depending on where this transit hits your personal chart.

This day and the surrounding days in the world are dangerous, and we will see major events occur just as we saw 4 terrorist attacks last week on the Venus-Pluto opposition. Pluto rules powerful individuals and not particularly those with good intent, and it also rules the press, which will be involved, as well as nuclear issues and weapons. 

There could be transformational change in governments and violence can erupt on or around this day. At this time we are seeing the fallout of the Hillary Clinton/ FBI /email (Mercury) investigation.

Venus-Uranus transits often result in financial fluctuations in the markets.