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Friday, July 8, 2016

Mercury squares Uranus: unpredictable situations

Mercury squares Uranus, exact at 3:29 AM, July 11, but this energy will be occurring before and after at least 24 hours, in our lives and in the world.

With Uranus-Mercury we or others may become very changeable in our opinions, thoughts and what we do. 
On the positive side we could experience some brilliant ideas and thoughts.

On the other hand this can lead to impulsive decisions, made in haste, and without forethought. You or others could blurt out things, and be careful to check who is on your email address before hitting Send!

We could hear sudden and unexpected news about siblings, immediate family members or something else, or experience problems with electronic equipment and communication.

Be careful driving, as this could lead to accidents based on carelessness.

This will play out in the world in terms of unexpected, perhaps disturbing news, and many people may be agitated or in some type of panic. Mercury rules transport, young people and communication.

Uranus rules aircraft, harsh weather conditions, the internet and electronic communication and explosions and is unpredictable in nature.(7-8)

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