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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

July 2016-the summer of our discontent

                                         July-the Cancer season-No place like home!

The t-square between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune is in orb as we begin the month, and Saturn is in an exact square with Neptune  at 11 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces through July 4.

Saturn rules our structures, and Neptune has no part of structure and dissolves and erodes the things we thought stable. This can be a disorienting transit, and many things are happening in the world, and in our lives, especially those with mutable planets (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius) in our personal charts at 9-14 degrees.

This energy is changeable--what we can count on is that change will occur-nothing will be the same, and we will have to build new structures.  

Case in point is the Brexit vote in the UK that will have global ramifications. We have seen a horrendous attack in Orlando, another in Turkey June 28, and a continuing contentious Presidential race in the US. Such is the way of this transit that will be with us well into the fall.

This energy is confusing as well as disorienting. Neptune rules illusion, delusion and confusion and Saturn rules what we know to be real, and there is a clash between the two. Old structures will dissolve and we must replace the old with the new.

Now is the time to think as clearly as possible, and not act on mad impulses, delusional thoughts, or any situation where the facts are not clear. Sometimes, with a Saturn-

Neptune transit it's hard to see the forest for the trees, which is why clarity of thinking is more important now than ever.

If the Saturn-Neptune square is aspecting your personal chart, things, situations and even people may be leaving your life. Change in hard, especially when it's not something you want. As Saturn rules structures and Neptune dissolves them, know that Jupiter the planet of gain and expansion will enter Libra and create a sextile to Saturn by fall. It may well be during this time, you find a way to create and build new structures and situations for yourself.

For the first 11 days of July Mars remains at 23 degrees of Scorpio having just left its retrograde June 29. It is forming an inconjunct with Uranus which means it is a challenging aspect and our actions may need some adjustment. The combination of Mars and Uranus can bring unexpected and explosive events. (the attack at the Istanbul airport occurred as Mars was entering its direct phase, inconjunct Uranus) It is advisable to use caution during this period and as Mars moves to 24 degrees July 12-17, it is in an exact inconjunct making it even more powerful.

During July, Mars will continue its second and last trek through Scorpio, the sign ruling the 8th house of transformation, money and sex. Deep seated issues may arise as Mars moves through the most intense of signs, which of course, works best for water signs.  Mars will actually be in its post retrograde shadow period until August which means actions are still changeable but finally, things should pick up speed and start to move forward again during July.

The July 4, New Moon falls at 12 degrees of Cancer, the sign ruling home and family, peaking at 7:01 AM, EST. This is a Moon perfect for bar-b-ques, patriotism, and all the typical things we love on the 4th of July. There is another side to this Moon however, as it opposes Pluto (12:27 PM, EST). Moon-Pluto combinations often involve control issues, obsessiveness, and deep seated anger. The Moon involves women, home and our emotions.

There can be a type of emotional release with this transit, and as the Moon trines Neptune my advice is to try and go with this dreamier, softer aspect if possible and let go of any anger. For some this Moon could represent a turning point. Happy 4th!

July 7, may be an explosive day in the world and in our lives. As Venus opposed Pluto June 30, now Mercury and the Sun will oppose Pluto as well, and this energy will be prevalent a few days before and after. Mercury-Pluto transits are intense if not obsessive in nature, people may be critical,overly emotional and demanding, and certain previously unknown things may be revealed.  Mercury can involves transportation and travel issues, and this is not a day to be careless on the road. Mercury rules communication, pets and young people. 

Sun-Pluto transits are transformative in some cases, but otherwise difficult. A transit like this can be indicative of endings in some situations, total change and power struggles. Others can attempt to change you, or you others. 

Deep seated relationship issues can come to the surface, problems in business and with joint finances. There can be a feeling of forced change. Things, situations and even people can break or break down. Pluto rules bullies and you could come up against this type of person. Push an issue and don't expect anyone not to push back on this day three fold. I would leave contentious or controversial issues for another day. Don't issue ultimatums unless you are prepared to walk away.

This day and the surrounding days in the world are dangerous, and we will see major events. Pluto rules powerful individuals and not particularly those with good intent, and it also rules the press, which will be involved, as well as nuclear issues and weapons. There could be change in governments and transformation in some cases. Violence can erupt on or around this day.

Other transits of interest include:

July 1, Venus sextiles Jupiter. This is a transit indicative of love, social activity and positive financial transactions.

July 3, the Sun trines Neptune. This is spiritual, creative and great for a reading!

July 5, Mercury trines Neptune. Another creative and spiritual transit. Dreams may be vivid.

July 6, Venus trines Mars. Great for love, your social life and meeting new people. Also the Sun conjuncts Mercury and this can be ego centered and willful.

July 8, Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Generally this is positive and expansive, but don't overdo.

July 10, the Sun sextiles Jupiter. Another positive day good for expansive opportunities.

July 11, Mercury squares Uranus. This is an erratic day full of surprises or unexpected communication. The energy can be nervous and irritating, and as Mercury rules travel, use the utmost caution driving.

July 12, Venus enters Leo. Venus now moves from the sign (Cancer) of home and family to fun, singles and entertainment. Time for summer fun and romance.

July 13, Mercury also enters Leo, and conversation takes a lighter tone, with a focus on fun.

July 16, The Sun squares Uranus. There can be a desire for sudden change or even freedom.  You could communicate with unreliable people and there is no guarantee of stability of anything you begin on this day. Expect the unexpected and changeable situations. We could see unexpected events in the world and Uranus is typical of explosive circumstances or explosions. It also rules aircraft, and plane wrecks. Also the Sun trines Mars, and this is energetic energy if you can harness the unpredictability of Uranus.

July 19, the full Moon occurs at 27 degrees of Capricorn, peaking at 6:58PM, EST.

Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house of business and ruled by Saturn. This is not a lighthearted full moon but all business and priorities, and here our focus will lie.

This Moon squares Uranus, as the Sun did the day before. This makes this moon unpredictable and some people may feel as though they are all over the board. Unexpected change can happen and emotions can switch. The Moon rules women, family, and our emotions. Things can change on a dime over these few days. But, Mercury trines Saturn and this can give an edge over the stability and lend itself toward practical thinking.

People can come across as unstable or you can have unstable interaction, especially with women.

Uranus rules aircraft and explosions, and we will see changeable and unpredictable circumstances on the world stage, or even the financial markets.

July 20, Venus trines Saturn, and this will be a welcome relief after the Full Moons square to Uranus. This is a stable transit, better for business or connecting with those from your past.

July 22, The Sun enters Leo and we are in the Leo season. Leo rules the 5th house of children, fun, entertainment and love affairs. Things can seem bigger than life in some cases.

July 27, Mercury trines Uranus. Positive for communication and expansive new ideas.

July 29, Mercury squares Uranus, like the Sun did along with the full Moon earlier in the month. Use caution while driving, and expect unexpected news or communication. This can be erratic or irritating energy. Don't believe half of what you hear, and watch about speaking about things you have little knowledge of. Be careful when you hit send with texts or emails. This transit has a funny way of causing messages to go to the wrong people!

Also Uranus begins its annual retrograde at 24 degrees of Aries. This will affect you to a greater degree if its aspects your personal planets. Many people will feel a need for freedom as Uranus reverses direction, and in general any retrograde planet becomes more negative while retrograde.

While retrograde the Uranian energies are more bottled up, and the individual becomes aware of the need for change or revolution.  When Uranus goes direct those energies can be acted upon, seemingly in an unexpected manner. Events involving Uranus often seem shocking, but they are often the inevitable result of a situation, and transits involving Uranus often wake us up to what is really occurring in our lives.

While in Aries, Uranus will awaken the individual urge to change and grow and move forward on possibilities that might have been dormant until now.


  1. Sorry to anyone who checked this post 6-29 and only saw the picture. I started posting and had to leave!

  2. Holy crap that matches my what's coming up for July tarot pull yesterday. Intense stuff.

  3. its already intense and will continue on...

  4. Thanks so much for your help, my life is falling apart and I'm praying it's all for the good, I've been so "stuck" my daughter-in-law passed away in January 2012 the other one in January 2016 and my only daughter died Easter March 27 2016 my husband retired military has dementia just to name the worst of his life threatening disease we are leaving I rental house after 7_yrs we have a slum landlord who just put Band-Aids on this property, yes I'm ready for a big change because I'm miserable, lol I feel like riding into the sunset, alone😅😅

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